The Changing Pad

Babies and toddlers need to be changed frequently. To help keep their beds clean or to prevent them from being put directly on a cold floor while being changed, I made a changing pad out of cotton fabric which can be rolled up and tossed in the diaper bag for parents on the go. Its easily laundered if it does get soiled but I also made a couple of covers out of old sheets that can be placed under the diaper area that can be tossed in the machine or easily hand washed. You could also use a waterproof fabric ( nylon) for the top.( not vinyl or non BPA free plastic)

I found a pattern in a book  I bought -“Simple Sewing for Baby ” by Lotta Jansdotter. It has lots of good ideas. I modified the pattern to meet our needs .

The changing pad is a rectangle about 30” by 20’” with batting sandwiched between two layers of fabric. ( changing side of pad) (back of pad)   I used a ½ inch seam allowance . Recycling old towels, sweatshirts or other “cushy” fabric for padding can be used if batting isn’t available. First fold a 3 foot  piece of grosgrain ribbon (or other tie ) in half and sew it in the seam line of the top piece ,front side facing up, at the midway point of the length(the ribbon is sewn with the strings facing towards the inside). Sandwich your fabric right sides together with the batting on top or bottom. Sew around edges of the top and bottom leaving an opening for turning and making sure while sewing that the ribbon is kept inside between the top and back piece. Turn right side out, slip stitch opening closed and machine quilt a couple of rows lengthwise and crosswise to anchor the batting then topstitch ¼ ” around edges.

To fold the changing pad do the following: Divide the length in thirds and then fold  the end thirds so they overlap  the middle third.  Roll the piece from the end that has no ribbon to the end where the ribbon attaches   and tie the roll.  I made two of these in less than two hours

Here are a few other patterns on our pattern page if you prefer to make them here and here and  here.

I also made a small pouch just big enough to throw  in some homemade wipes and cloth diapers and a squirt bottle of water.  I’m in the process of designing a bag so the front part holds clean diapers and the back holds dirty diapers and wipes. Your ideas and suggestions are always welcome .

Please help the parents and babies of Wanblee by making a few changing pads or by donating new or nearly new ones.  As always thanks from Sew For Kids.


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