The Gift Project -Week 4

Today’s gift project, a car caddy/roll, would probably be enjoyed more by boys than girls but not wanting to sound sexist and have my daughter on my case I will say it could be enjoyed by all kids.  I‘ve seen this project on several sites all with a little different twist but basically the same idea. My grandson was my inspiration for making it.

My oldest grandson is a fanatic about cars, trucks, construction vehicles etc. His grandfather wishes bikes were as high on his list as motorized vehicles! My grandson often travels from the west coast to visit us here in the Midwest which means he has to leave his favorite toys at home. However with this week’s project my daughter can pack his fleet in a suitcase for the trip and even pull it out for playtime while waiting at the airport.  The roll also provides storage for all those small cars and keeps them together for the next time.

I thought this project might work well for the children on the Rez who have few toys and live in homes with space and storage limitations.  The compact size wouldn’t take much room to store and all they need is a small corner somewhere in the house to play. When they’re finished playing they just roll it up and tuck it in their favorite hiding place.

I used scraps from my stash to make the caddy and even recycled an old pair of kids denim jeans with holes in the knees for the road fabric of the large caddy which worked out really well because the road will get all that “heavy traffic”.  Look at these tutorials for instructions here  here , here ,and here . Make a caddy without the road and provide storage. When I make this again I’m going to extend the road fabric of the small caddy for extra play area. This layer will fold into the center piece and be rolled up like the large caddy.

If you make this project for a loved one please consider making an extra for a child on the Rez for the Christmas Project.  It would provide hours of fun for a little boy (or girl) Vroom!…..Vroom!…..Vroom!!!

Thanks from Sew For Kids!


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