Patterns and More

Pattern Information

The free pattern links below represent just a few of the thousands of free patterns available across the web.  You can use these or any pattern as long as they meet these guidelines  or as requested by the organizations we serve.  Items should be simple in design and made from quality materials that are machine washable and require no ironing.  Feel free to add  appliques, ribbons, trims, etc. to your garments as long as they’re machine washable.  Please check out our Pinterest site too.

Free Sewing Patterns




Quilts and Blankets 

Towels and Washcloths

Burp Cloths and Bibs

Swaddlers/ Sleep Sack

Pillowcases and Sheets

Diaper Bags

Cloth Diapers and Covers

Wet Bags and Wipes

Nursing Pads and Pillows

Nursing Covers

Changing Pads


Booties and Shoes

Baby Toys

Kid Pants/Shorts

Kids Tops and Shirts




Hats and Mittens

Doll Stuff

Car Caddy/Mats

Fun With Felt




Wraps and Carriers


Hats and Mitts


Kids Bags



Soft Books 



Recycling and Repurposing

Many of us have limited income and resources and are able to acquire  a lot of our supplies by visiting thrift stores, garage sales, etc.  Many  people are using their skills to refashion or remake items from clothing in their own closets or from “finds” at resale shops.   Keep in mind the donation guidelines when thrifting and refashioning and let your creativity soar.   Repurposing  and recycling keeps items out of landfills and challenges our artistic side.  Please share your ideas and pictures of your creations here so others can be inspired.

Recycling Suggestions

  • Sock Tops  –  Cut off the top of socks to use as ribbing on kids pants, pj’s, and shirts.
  • Socks –  Use to make sock dolls and  animals or cut the foot portion off  knee highs and use for “baby legs”.
  • Flannel sheets –  Use for quilt lining, backing, burp cloths, diapers, wash cloths, etc.
  • Tshirts  –  Refashion into rompers, diapers, toddler shirts, shorts, etc.
  • Mens shirts – Refashion into girls dresses, cut up for quilt squares, use for lining garments, etc.
  • Buttons, zippers, trim  –  Get into the habit of “harvesting” good items from  old clothing before discarding.
  • Ribbed knit shirts  –  Instead of buying ribbing by the inch check out your local resale shop for shirts made of stretchy rib knit
  • Jeans   –  Tote bags, aprons, play mats, quilts, clothing patches, and a hundred other uses.
  • Towels  –  Backing for bibs, burp cloths, filling for potholders, etc.
  • Wool sweaters  –  Felt and use for mittens, hats and slippers, diaper covers
  • Pillowcases  –  make  cute summer dresses
  • Pockets  –  From pants and shirts make great design features on garments and a few together make a great organizer for baby’s room
  • Fabric scraps  –  Cut up for quilts, make patchwork animals, “I Spy” quilts, appliques for clothes, etc.
  • Free patterns  –  trace old clothing you like before you toss it so you can have a free pattern.