Programs We Help

Marty Indian School

Sacred Shawl Society

My Space Youth Center

Wanblee Community

Information about the needs of the individual programs we help is listed under its own heading.

If you don’t sew or craft but would like to help, most items on the list can also be purchased. Before donating, please read our donation guidelines page.  Visit our pattern section for free patterns or use your own. Pinterest has lots of great ideas and free patterns for items needed in our program. Donation sheets are provided for your convenience here and here. Join our Sew for Lakota Kids Yahoo group , and read the Sew For Kids blog  to get your questions answered, share patterns or advice with us and even learn how to make some of these projects.  Mailing addresses are listed on our Where to Send Page listed under the Make A Difference tab on the home page. Check out a special need item under the Donation Need of the Week heading.

Hearts of the Sacred Spirit, a 501(c) (3) not for profit charity is the umbrella agency for Sew For Kids . Hearts of the Sacred Spirit focuses its efforts on Food, Heat Assistance, Community Gardening and the Warm Blanket Program  and special programs such as the Toy Program and Yearning For Learning Program as well as Sew For Kids. While Sew For Kids concentrates its efforts in the Wanblee community and its surrounding areas of Pine Ridge Reservation,   or the Sacred Shawl Society ,  a shelter for women and their children who need a safe place to go on the Reservation if domestic abuse , rape etc or the  My Space Center , the youth center in Martin SD or the  Marty Indian Elementary school in Marty SD, Hearts of the Sacred Spirit helps with needs of the people on the entire Rez as resources allow. Check out their programs and help support their needs. Our Wanblee folks benefit from their help when a need arises. Donations made to the programs are considered charitable donations and are tax deductible as permitted by law.