Diaper Bags Needed

Today we’re putting out an appeal for diaper bags for our Infant-Toddler Closet. The bags can be handmade, purchased new or previously owned in gently used condition. There are plenty of free patterns online and some on our free pattern page too. Find a pattern that matches your sewing skill level, the bags don’t have to be fancy just well constructed so they can be passed along to other parents. If you have “diaper bag experience” pick a bag style that you would carry yourself.

A diaper bag could potentially end up carrying diaper cream, diapers and wipes, sunscreen, change of clothes, sun hat, bottles and formula, nursing pads and cover and in addition for toddlers snack containers, sippee cup, books, toys, shoes, etc. My daughter wanted a neutral colored bag so her husband wouldn’t be embarrassed when carrying it around which probably wouldn’t be a concern for single moms. When my grandson became more mobile she traded her diaper bag in for a backpack so her hands would be free to chase her toddler around.

Tipnut is a great site to get ideas for making baby items. If you scroll down to Diaper bags and Cases look for No 2 –The Easiest Diaper Bag Ever. Our friend Beulah ( check out blog March 6, 2011 ) used this pattern but modified it. She cut the outside fabric from a ladies denim dress because it’s lighter weight than jean denim and because the dresses are readily available at thrift stores. Beulah’s niece sent her 5 dresses she got for a dollar on one of her “thrifting” trips. She used cotton lining from her stash so the diaper bags were made at a minimal cost and she saved valuable resources by “repurposing”.

Here are her instructions using the pattern.
Beulah said, ”I followed the pattern but made the bag a little bigger, 27 “by 18 “instead of 25 “by 18″, lining was cut the same size as the bag. The pockets were made larger, 23” by 19” instead of 23” by 18”.  I made denim pockets for the outside   of the bag and sewed them on first. I made the straps shorter – 30” by 6″, folded them in half lengthwise, turned edges under, pressed and topstitched the other side. The finished width of the strap was 1 ½” wide. The pattern had sewn the straps on the outside but I preferred them inserted and sewn in between the shell and lining.  I followed the pattern instructions for making the inside pockets and lining.  I sewed the lining to the outer shell, leaving an opening so it could be turned right side out being careful to keep the straps out of the way. I topstitched around the top of the bag which also closes the turning space, and added velcro to keep the bag closed when not in use. The bottom of the bag is sewn in a way that leaves a pocket so a stiffener can be added for support. I used plastic canvas  from the Walmart craft department, as it can easily be cut to size and taken out to wash the bag. I was pleased with the bag when it was finished and have made five others.”

Beulah  and Sew For Kids would like you to join us in making some diaper bags for the new parents of Wanblee. Use the pattern we highlighted today or any suitable pattern of your choice and add your own custom touches. Please send us your ideas of what you consider to be the ideal diaper bag or share photos of bags you’ve completed. We’ll be discussing how to make some of the “essential” diaper bag items in future blogs.  Thanks for your help and thanks to Beulah for sharing her instructions!


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