Wanblee Christmas and Easter Parties

Sew For Kids has committed to providing gifts, food and party items to celebrate both of these events. While the basic needs are great, kids need to have some fun times in their lives. Many families are not able to provide gifts to the kids and many can not afford to buy a holiday meal that most USA citizens enjoy. In the months that these parties are held, people are struggling just to keep the utilities on or keep wood or propane in the wood stove or propane tank respectively.  People often show up to parties not necessarily just for the gifts but for the food as many on the Rez are always as someone once said ”just a little hungry all the time”. At many parties, food is sent home with the families so all can have another meal. Monetary donations to Lakota Friends Circle  pay for the food and the gas needed to get to locations to purchase items. Sew For Kids for these two parties sends new fun items for kids, sewn, knitted/crocheted or purchased. At the Christmas party children in addition to a fun gift, also receive warm items if they need them. And to top it all off, they each get a goody bag filled with fresh fruit, nuts and candy. Jerome and Theresa High Horse along with the community services and businesses in the area put on the “Parade of Lights”, the only one held on the Rez and which brings people from other parts of the Rez to view it and enjoy the festivities.

At Easter, the High Horses and the volunteers host an Easter egg hunt and fill the eggs with candy or a gift voucher for gifts that we provide. All kids receive an Easter goodie bag. Decorations, food for the party and some fun prizes for games are also provided by our group and other groups that help the area.