Donation Need of the Week

We need your help to purchase those non-craft items such as toiletries, food, underwear, socks, etc. that are always in great demand but in short supply on the Rez.  If you don’t have the time or desire to shop you can send a monetary donation to Sew For Kids (alert us here or on Facebook and specify what it’s for) through Hearts of the Sacred Spirit website.  We are a special program under Hearts of the Sacred Spirit, a 501c3 non profit organization. All donations, monetary and material are tax deductible.

July 2015

Please refer to this blog for items needed by the Women’s Shelter in Martin . It is called the Sacred Shawl Society.

We will soon have a spreadsheet on the blog that we will update as people tell us what has been sent in.



3 thoughts on “Donation Need of the Week

  1. you can order items by the case and they are still $1.00 each. They have baby and children’s body wash and shampoo that are both really good. They also have antibacterial bandaids,diaperrash cream and most things on the list. Most items are a case of 12 some are 4 or 6. There is a Dollar Tree in the zipcode area of Interior SD so items could be picked up at the store for no shipping costs (great savings).

    • This is a good saving as well and could put an order in and ask Jerome and Theresa to pick up. Thanks for the heads up Donna. Will talk to the High Horses about this. Interior is not that far from Wanblee.

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