Good News For Some Rez Dogs

I  recently received  an email from one of our members who had called Jerome High Horse in Wanblee, about buying him parts for the saws that he uses to cut wood for families. On the call he mentioned that he needed some dog food and “Could anyone help?”

While dogs are not part of our Sew For Kids projects, many on our sites are animal lovers. Dog food was needed, after Jerome’s daughter  went to the dump to drop off some items and found 4 young, helpless and crying pups. Why they were there I am not sure,  maybe someone needed to dispose of them for lack of resources or maybe their mom left them there while out looking for food.

His daughter brought them home and asked her dad if he could feed them and care for them until they could find them a good home or find an organization that would find them a good home. Jerome only knew of an organization that came thru in the spring. He built a little enclosure to keep them in and bought some food as they were hungry. When I later called him, he said they were very young and needed some milk as well.

When I heard about the need, not yet having talked to Jerome, I contacted the organization  Lightshine Canine based out of Colorado and working alongside people on Pine Ridge Reservation, and other Reservations in SD, rescuing dogs in need. There are many stray dogs on the Rez, that need homes and many have been killed in the past by tribal round ups. People on the Rez asked the tribe to stop this inhumane practice. Last year this organization alone picked up 2800 stray or needy dogs.

In the past , I had a chance to talk with KC Willis, the Director of the organization,  and knew about their good work so thru messaging, asked her if she could help with this situation. Feeding 4 extra dogs was not something Jerome could afford to do long term.  She responded immediately to my message and promised to call Jerome. Within a matter of an hour, the Rez contact person picked up the dogs so they could be seen by a vet, vaccinated, later spayed and then given to organizations that would find them a loving home. The person who arrived to pick up the dogs, turned out to be a person whom Jerome High Horse had worked with in one of his old jobs. KC gave Jerome a phone number so that he could contact the organization if someone brought them a dog in need of help in the future. Jerome has kept many dogs in the past but is so glad now to have an organization that can help him if this occurs again. There are so many people needs to address, and that is his first priority.

Please check out this organization and see what they do. Consider making a donation to help them with their work.  I did. It costs money to feed and transport the animals as well as to pay their vet bills. Having visited the Rez, and having seen the animals, I know that this is a good cause  It is heartbreaking to see sickly animals, struggling  to survive in such adverse conditions.

Thank you KC and the workers of Light Shine Canine for helping the dogs. Your organization has made a difference to their lives and provided them a better future.


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