March/April Summer Clothing Project


Spring is just around the corner and kids will soon be out shooting baskets and hitting the playground. They’re probably getting pretty restless by now as many have been shut in all winter because they lack proper clothing to brave the elements.  Kids are starting to look forward to the end of the school year and the beginning of their summer vacation.  So to help them start their vacation off on the right foot, our project for the next two months will be sewing or buying summer clothing.  Any clothing left from last year is either worn out or has been outgrown and passed down to younger siblings.  If this project doesn’t appeal to you, please choose another from our list of projects here.  Some of our members work ahead on Christmas gifts and quilts or other projects that are time consuming.  You can always send basics such as socks, underwear, shoes, diapers, toiletries, etc., these needs are ongoing.

Children’s Summer Clothing – Kids 3T to 16/18 and Babies 0 to 24 months

  • Shorts, capris, lightweight pants, leggings.
  • Shirts, t shirts, tank tops
  • Dresses and skirts
  • Bathing suits, both genders.  Wanblee has a pool kids can use at the school.  
  • Sun hats, baseball caps
  • Shoes – sandals, flip-flops, canvas or other summer shoes.  New or gently used.
  • Sunscreen



Women’s Shelter Needs – Sizes S to XXL or 5/6 to 18/20 up

  • Shorts, capris, pants/jeans
  • Shirts, t shirts
  • Shoes including sandals and flip-flops, all sizes up to 11
  • Underwear sizes 6 to 9 mostly needed, larger ones ok too, new only.
  • Bras – sports type M/XL and regular bras, most requested size 36C as can use  for 36 and 38 size woman if need be.  Gently used are welcomed and women love those with a little lace.


Some of our members are wonderful seamstresses and love sewing skirts and dresses for the girls.  They have been very well received in the past especially by pre-teens. Kimmie, shelter director, loves to see the girls in their dresses around town and will even wash and iron them when needed so they look nice. Theresa High Horse says she sees the girls wearing their dresses at Pow Wow’s during the summer.  Mothers are always commenting how beautiful and professional looking the dresses are and wishing they could sew that well.

Girls love to dress up for special occasions like church, parties, Sun Dance’s, Pow Wow’s and just because dresses make them feel pretty.  All kids love shorts to play in and they help keep them cool in the hot, dry summers on the Rez.  Summer pajamas can be made or purchased but most of the kids sleep in their underwear or street clothes.  If you have any to send please ship to the shelter in Martin.

Garage sales will soon be starting and they’re a wonderful place to “shop”.  Don’t be shy about sharing with others the work you’re doing with SFK, we’ve had many of our members getting a better deal and/or offers of free items at the end of the sale, some of our members have even gotten donations from big box stores.  Please share pictures of your projects with us, we just love to ooh and aah!  We learn so much from each other’s projects and sometimes they’re just the inspiration we need to get our machines going.

Summer clothing for kids is needed at all of our assistance areas – the shelter and youth center in Martin, Marty Indian School, and the community of Wanblee, shipping addresses are here.  Please remember underwear must be new but other items can be gently used as long as they meet our guidelines.  Please let us know the quantity and sizes you’re sending so we can cover as many different ages as possible.

As always Thanks from Sew For Kids.









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