Kids’ Dreams For Their Communities

Each year our parent organization, Lakota Friends Circle, holds an essay contest for the students in the 5th grade class at Wolf Creek School in Pine Ridge.  This project helps kids improve their writing skills and gives them the opportunity to share their feelings, dreams and concerns about their lives and the community they live in.  We’re posting the essays as written without student’s names, grab a tissue before you begin.  Look beyond the grammar and misspellings as you’re reading and you’ll get a glimpse into the reality of a child’s life on the Rez.  These students are behind in reading and writing skills and teachers are trying their best to improve them, but a recent decision to remove all the books from the library and replace them with an IPad that must be used at school puts them further behind, in our opinion.  There are limited hours during the school day to practice reading and writing skills and without books to take home, students just aren’t improving like they should.


“What I Can Do For My Community” 

1st place

I want my community to let kids play outside without being told to go inside because there are people that will hurt them.  I also want my community to have less trash on the ground because the ground gets dirty and you can’t play there.  I wish my community had less deaths because when you lose someone you feel very sad.  In my community we need to not have drugs because they are bad for you.

2nd place

I want drugs to stop.  I want people to not drive drunk.  I want clean playgrounds.  I want a big pool in the community for kids to swim in.  I want good people in the world.  I want people to not fighting.  I want Horses and cars to ride in and out.  I wand jobs for people.  I want a playgrounds for babies and kids to play in.

3rd Place

For my Community I want to put an Basketball court, park, and I want to clean up our field behind our houses.  Then I want to put in a pool, Stores, and hotels.  We could have better houses the Maintenance Can fix our houses better in the winter they can fix our heaters because maybe some people don’t have good heaters and a good AC for the people that don’t have good AC’s and Heaters.  If I were president I would give money to people that are having a bad time if they hardly got good stuff and I would help them out And I would buy them new clothes, give them a better house.  But some people probably don’t have good stuff and they probably don’t have family to celebrate like holiday’s that is why you gotta be thankful for your family, food, clothes, a good house I’m very thankful for all the stuff I got and have a very good family and just a good family. and I want no more crime and no more drugs.

1st Runner up

I can do for my community when kids are bored they want things to do I want a clean park and a clean community and a no drug zone and more stores more things to do when you are bored and no trash on the sidewalk or on the street no drugs in the community and more school that teach about our way of life like wolf creek more schools like wolf creek more sports to play out side of school because kids like to do sports out of school and a gym where you can plat basketball for free and work out for free a track to run on those are the things I

2nd Runner up

I want a new park with no trash.  I want to help stop suicide.  I want drugs to be out of my town.  I want nice new clothes for everyone.  I want blankets and pillows for everyone too.  I want all the kids to have backpacks and school supplies.  I just want everyone to be happy in my town.  I don’t want no sad faces.  I also want everyone to have a nice home.

3rd Runner up

For my community I want the park to be more clean more school high school and buildings.  We are Lakota we need to teach our children learn Lakota stop drugs, stop suicide, no more kids running around pine ridge.  We need are store prices to go down we need more food for my community.  We need to take care of our children.  Feed the homeless give them warm and good houses.

4th Runner up

I want a safer place at east ridge because Everything goes on.  Like house’s explode and dogs people getting hit by cars and everything so yeah safer place we need to survive if we want to live and stop alcohol because it’s not fhun it’s scary because like what if one of them just runs you over am I right and stop drug because it’s horrible and a bunch of people to it so STOP ALL DRUG!!!  And make the world a better place and please dot do nothing wrong and make east ridge something better and be saft!!!

Thank you.

5th Runner up

I want for my community is I want for kids is a swimming pool and when kids get bored I want a park a big park for all kids and for grownup and good schools for adults and kids.  And no drugs and no fights and people be treated the way they want to be treated also no things that are bad for us.  And cats to be taken care of and dogs to be taken care of too.  And all animals to be taken to an animal shelter. and all schools and homes works to be a bully free zone.
Contest Entrants Essays

  • Want I want for are community I want no more crimes no more shooting I want people to clean up the parks I want no more people doing drugs we can clean up the schools.  I want people to stop stealing we can do great things for are community if we all work together.


  •  (1)  I want to change people drinking and driving one time when i was walking to my friends house then this car came then this guy said get off the road you idoits then he drove off.

          (2) And i want to stop bulling bulling just make people do the   same thing over and over and over again that’s why it needs to stop.

          (3) and i want to stop clowns from breking into peoples homes stealing.

         (4) and i want to stop people from doing drugs that stuff is going to kill you.


  • What I will do for my community.  I’d liked to see less trash around my community and want to see more job openings.  I want to see less trash around my community because I would like play outside and not have trash laying around. I want to see more job openings because there is not a lot of jobs in my community for people who try to make money. 


  • I would like to see more jobs so people will support themselves .I would like to have a clean and safe community. We could play at the park skate and ride our bikes . I don’t like people to drugs. They do bad things when there on drugs . I will protect my community to keep it liveable.


  • What do you want to do for your Community?  I want to a park when I’m bored.  I want a basketball Court when my brothers come over & my sisters.  I want a skate board ally for when my friends come over.  I want a water park because so when it’s a hot hot day like in the summer.  I want a art place so like all the kids that like to draw, color and art things.  I want the community to always stay clean.


  • I what the town clean. I what people stop doing drugs it bad for you. I what better roads. I what dogs change up. I what people be nice to others. I what more stores. I what the world to be nice to others that how god made us to be nice to others. I what more house for others.



  • I want the drugs to stop and the bad stuff and I want to have a nice park and I want the fighting to stop and I want my community to be clean and a nice community I want the bad people to stop being bad and doing drugs I want that to stop it’s bad and it can kill people and I want my community to be a nice place and a good place to live and I want to have clean parks. I want it to be a good place to live.



  • What do you want to do for your community? I want a park when I’m bored.  I want a basketball court when my friends come over. I want a trampoline to jump on. I want a gymnastics gymnasium when I want to do gymnastics. I want my own store to run. I want a horse to ride on. I want drugs to STOP. I want suicide to STOP



  • For my community I want I clean and make life’s better by making people stop doing drugs and alcohol so they can have better life’s with them and their family and plant new tree’s and make the environment better and stop people from littering every were becouse that hurt’s the environment and make my community better and stop people from killing them self and help them and help family’s.



  • What I can do for my community. I want to make drugs stop and I want family’s to be safe. I want elderly’s safe and I want people to be safe for are community and I want people to not drive drunk and I want the gasstashon to be free would if someone has a appointment and they a sick so that is why I want stuff to be ok.



  • What I will do for my Community is pick up trash and make a park and make a good Community for people and for kids and make drugs stop and make more jods for people.


These essays are from a particular group of students from one school on the Rez, but if you were to ask the same question in other parts of Pine Ridge, or other reservations for that matter, those kids would probably have similar feelings and dreams for their communities.  Sew For Kids likes to support youth programs and schools by helping with clothing, school supplies and other things kids need.  Help us help them by donating material goods to any of  our programs  at the addresses listed here , or give a monetary donation to Lakota Friends Circle.  With many of us coming together we can make a difference.

As always thanks from Sew For Kids.





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