Happy News For Wanblee

The following excerpt is taken from our November 2016 blog:

“Jerome recently traveled to Rapid City where he was a guest speaker at a conference meeting of the group Rocky Mountain Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (RMASFAA) who each year chooses a charity to support.  This year’s recipient was none other than Sew For Kids!  After speaking Jerome was presented with a check for $650, school supplies and some clothing which included new winter coats. We’re so honored to have been chosen and will use the gift to help the children of Pine Ridge. Lakota Friends Circle, our umbrella organization, will be handling the funds and since hunger is such a huge issue we’ve decided to purchase a freezer for the new community building.   Having a freezer allows the center to become a local food bank and receive food deliveries directly from the Rapid City food bank.  Instead of handing out all the food as soon as it arrives, as they currently do, the freezer allows them the luxury of keeping perishable food until it’s really needed.  Currently the High Horses drive to Rapid City for pick up, make the trip back to Wanblee (200+ miles round trip), sort, box and deliver the food to recipients, all in the same day!  We still need to find funds to purchase a refrigerator but that is a project for another day. Again a BIG THANKS to RMASFAA for their generous donation!”

Now for an exciting update to this post.  Jerome and Theresa have been checking used appliance stores looking for a freezer to purchase with the funds we received from this generous organization.  Well not only did they find a freezer, but once the store owner found out they were going to use it in a community center and they also needed a refrigerator, he made them an unbelievable deal on the appliances pictured below.  They now have an upright freezer, chest freezer and refrigerator purchased for $685 which is only $35 more than the initial award of $650!


IMG_1657 (1) (1).JPG






IMG_20170220_131911728_HDR (1).jpg

These appliances are already being used, Jerome recently made the 200 mile round trip to Running Strong in Manderson to pick up food boxes and was able to store them in the freezer/fridge for families who either couldn’t pick their food up the same day or for those  needing home delivery.  The new freezers and refrigerator will now give volunteers two days to deliver the 85 elder food boxes that come down from the food bank in Rapid City instead of rushing around to finish the same day.  When shopping for community parties Jerome and Theresa can head to Sam’s in Rapid City earlier in the week instead of the day before the party as they now have a place to store the food until needed.

So thank you again Rocky Mountain Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (RMASFAA) for the wonderful donation that will help this community feed their people.  With the new food storage capabilities, they can now save back some of the food received from the food bank that isn’t immediately needed to give out when those desperate calls come in from people looking for food to feed their children.  Most people on the Rez are always a little hungry and with the possibility of the new administration making cuts to the food stamp and school feeding programs, two programs they depend on to prevent malnutrition, they’re bound to be receiving a lot more calls for food.

The Wanblee community and Sew For Kids are both so grateful for your kindness!










One thought on “Happy News For Wanblee

  1. Thanks for the update, how exciting to see this happening and the center near completion; what a joy this must be for all those who have worked so hard to make these things happen CONGRATS ! A very special THANK YOU to RMASFAA for this donation!!

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