Ways to Help Marty Indian School

Marty Indian School is our newest assistance area and began at the start of the 2016 school year after elementary principal, Gina Curran, contacted us for help, more about the school here.   A few of our members have recently visited the school and noted that while the school has many wonderful programs and teachers, the building and grounds are in need of repairs and updates.

SFK member, Penny Nickols, noted on her visit to the school last fall that the playground could really use an update.  The playground currently serves 95 children.


16864843_1725859650761272_1595002304738550686_n (1).jpg


Penny recently found a sweepstakes with a grand prize of a $30,000 healthy playground makeover that we can all enter to help them win. There’s an initial sign up page to complete where you’ll enter Marty, SD 57361 in the appropriate boxes after which two choices appear, click on “Marty Indian School”, fill in your information below and you’ll be registered.  Return to the page every day and vote until March 24, 2017, the more entries the more chances to win.  This is something we can all do, costs nothing and gives these deserving kids a chance to win a much needed playground.  Please post the information on your website, tell friends and family and help us get the word out.  Thank you!

Other ways we can help the school is by saving box tops from specially marked packages   these items earns points which can be redeemed for various school needs.  Please help by collecting the box tops and including them with your next shipment to the school.

If anyone has a Smartphone and wants to join us on Shoparoo, sign up yourself or use this code  (GLUD2158) and it’ll get the school some extra points and money for program needs. Here’s where to get the app…. https://app.shoparoo.com/r/glud2158   Copy  your receipts within 2 weeks of shopping and  send to  Shoparoo for Marty Indian  Elementary school. You can choose a grade to help. Money comes in at the end of the school year. 

And finally the last way to help is by sending supplies to the school for the Feather Store .  They can always use toiletries, shoes, clothing, socks and underwear and the kids have absolutely loved the new pillows and colorful hand sewn pillowcases we’ve sent.  Toys, books, and school supplies are also needed.  Read the blog at the link above to read more about this wonderful program.  Please send your donations for the school here.

Thanks so much for your continuing generous support of Marty Elementary School!!









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