Financial Report from Lakota Friends Circle for 2016

As you might recall, Sew for Kids decided this past Fall to be under the umbrella of Lakota Friends Circle so that we could offer you a charitable donation. We as an organization felt that the $3000 spent to form a 501 c(3) when we had one willing to host us under their umbrella, was better spent on helping the people on the Reservation. And because we were already doing similar projects and were helping many of the same people, we decided to join forces . Sew For Kids is still their own organization . We like to craft items we make for the reservation kids, although there are certainly needs that we can not craft. Other folks join us as they want to help with those other needs.

Anne Fields, President of Lakota Friends Circle, sent me this report and am sharing it with you. Take a look to see what was accomplished this past year. The Sew For Kids team thanks all of you as well for your contributions to the kids who benefited from your generosity and skills.  Next week  Janet and I will be putting up a new blog. I do charity projects in my own community and needed to help with some fundraising projects here in January .

Anne Field’s note.

“Thanks to all friends of Lakota Friends Circle and Sew For Kids for a great 2016.  I’ve compiled the financial report and attached it so that you can all see how the cash donations were spent.  Even though we are still small I do think that we achieved a lot last year.

 In addition, thanks to the many people who sent in-kind donations to Jerome High Horse, The Sacred Shawl Society Shelter, The My Space Youth Center, the 5th grade class at Wolf Creek School, the Marty School, and several families and individuals with specific needs.  Sorry if I forgot anyone.
Thank you, thank you, and here’s to a truly productive 2017!

Lakota Friends Circle Financial Report for 2016

Lakota Friends Circle Expenditures for 2016


Program Expenses

Administrative Expenses

Total Expenses

Gas for food, wood, supplies pick-up/distribution


Food/supplies for Wanblee community events


Crock pots and roasters for Wanblee community


Gas for families


Food for families


Utilities for families






Funeral assistance




Stove for My Space Youth Center


Car repairs


Wolf Creek 5th grade field trip


Wolf Creek 5th grade supplies


Project Manager’s cell phone – monthly charges


Shipping – Women’s Shelter, Wolf Creek School




Printer ink




Fees and SD license


Fundraising book






Lakota Friends Circle Assets 2016





Total Assets











Lakota Friends Circle Income, Expenditures, and Assets 2016




2015 Assets

Balance + 2015 Assets

2016 Assets







Income: More than $7,800 was donated to Lakota Friends Circle by 35 individuals/families and by the Wal-Mart Foundation which contributed $1,500 towards community food programs. A generous donation of $645 was made by members of the Rocky Mountain Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators’ Philanthropic Committee towards the planned purchase of a freezer for a food bank to be located in the upcoming Community Center in Wanblee.


Gas: Nine trips for woodcutting and delivery; 14 gas purchases for Running Strong pick-up and delivery of food, clothing, and school supplies; 13 purchases for other food pick-up and delivery; a trip to Omaha, NE to pick-up a donated trailer; two families’ medical appointments; two families’ food pick-up trips; one fill-up for the Rescue truck.

Food: Food was provided for Wanblee community events at Easter, July 4th, Halloween, and Christmas, and for an elders’ breakfast and a fire department meeting. Food was also purchased for two homeless families and for a mother with eight children.

Crock Pots: Two crock pots, two large roasters, and two surge protectors were bought for the Wanblee Community

Utilities: one electric bill and one phone bill were paid.

Clothing: warm clothing, shoes, socks, and underwear were purchased on clearance for the Sacred Shawl Society shelter and for distribution in Wanblee.

Diapers: 250 diapers were purchased for distribution in Wanblee using a special program.

Funerals: $50 was donated to each of two families for help with funeral expenses.

Tools: A four-piece power tool kit was bought for Jerome High Horse and three power tools for a volunteer working on home renovations.

Stove: A new electric stove was purchased for the My Space Youth Center in Martin.

Car repairs: Three families were helped with car repairs.

Wolf Creek School: LFC sponsored a 5th grade class field trip to the Journey Museum in Rapid City. The students wrote essays about the trip.

LFC also sponsored a writing contest for the class on the topic “What I Can Do for My Community” and awarded cash prizes totaling $50 to four students.

A number of books were bought for the 5th grade class after the school library was closed.

Beading supplies were purchased for an after-school Lakota crafts class.

Through donations to Lakota Friends Circle we have been able to assist hundreds of Lakota people through both group projects and individual family needs. Many thanks to all who have contributed.

Anne Fields

President, Lakota Friends Circle

Anne in GA
President, Lakota Friends Circle”

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