Projects For 2017


This is the monthly list of items that can be made or bought this year. These items can be sent year long  as most of the areas have storage and soon all will. We know that some of you have favorite items you like to make while others like to try out a new skill  or pattern so make the project of the month. With many helping, we usually get enough items sent for the project. We try to make the projects correspond to the season as well events taking place in the community such as the start of school or the Christmas party. We will let you know which areas are most in need of the items each month in our blogs.

Here  is the list of places to ship to. When you open that page you will see that there are tax forms you can download and fill out to receive a charitable donation. Include that form in your box with a SASE and ask the recipient to sign and mail back to you. If you want a thank you note back , also enclose a SASE to help with the mailing costs that take away from the project needs. Or add your email address  in a note to the recipient and they can also respond that way. If you order on line to send an item to an area, send as a GIFT and enclose your name/address on the gift card form as often the receivers do not know who sent the item. Save those receipts if you want a charitable tax donation.Thank you for your help with these issues. Also we suggest tracking items sent. UPS/Fedex and the USPS and most companies allow you to track your packages at no charge. Shipping larger quantities at one time in many instances is cheaper per pound thru Fedex/UPS and using the boxes at the PO with weight limits will save you money. If sending books, send media mail.

Because the cost of shipping is going up once again in mid January,  we are thinking about your pocket book and have decided to set up a monetary fund thru Lakota Friends Circle so when we get requests for items that can not be made, like formula, diapers, food for hungry families, or an emergency need, we would have some funding to buy in bulk thru some companies at a savings and also save on shipping costs  as once a certain dollar amount is reached, shipping is free. Also some of these items can be bought locally , such as toiletries or food bought at 18 cents per  pound at the food bank where 2 of the places we help shop for their program needs. Since some of you seem willing to give $5 or $10 a month regularly, or at times you are not sending a box, this fund would help that need. We feel it is worth a try and saves us from having to ask you for certain needs all the time. Some of you want to help the kids and do not craft and this is another way to help get needed items to the areas. No amount is too little. With many helping we will hopefully have some funds available to help that immediate need.  All monetary donations would be tax deductible as Lakota Friends Circle is a 501c 3 non profit.  We will highlight our list of items that need purchasing and information on to how to participate in the next blog.

Also to save you money, buy items on sale, shop at thrift or garage sales for items in GOOD condition. Review the donation guidelines here. Underwear and socks are the only items that need to be sent new. ( baby socks an exception) . Using up those stashes of material and yarn , will save you money. Letting people know that you craft for charity and asking for free donations that others will never use is another way to save you money. Having the list now allows you to buy needed items on sale .

January/February  Pants, Underwear and Socks


  1. Warm pants such as sweatpants or other with elastic waist in sizes 4T through 16/18 for boys and girls.  The domestic abuse shelter requested sweatpants as they can also be worn as pajamas, but if you have baby sizes or different styles such as jeans they can be sent too.  For those of you sewing pants good fabrics to use are sweatshirt fleece, polar fleece, corduroy, heavier knits and flannel. Jeans etc are welcome as well.
  2. New Underwear in sizes 3T through 16/18. Can use training pants too. – all areas need underwear
  3. Socks in toddler sizes through adult, some older children wear adult shoes – all areas need socks.
  4. Cloth Diapers and waterproof covering.  Good project for home sewers.

Women at the shelter

  1. Warm pants S-XL sweatpants or athletic type with elastic waist.  If you have jeans or warm tops they would be welcomed too.
  2. New Underwear in sizes 6-10 and sports bras S-Xl.  Bras can be gently used, sports type fit more women but traditional styles can be sent too.   
  3. Socks    

  Needs for families leaving the shelter

  1. Cutlery, cooking utensils such as spatulas, large spoons, can opener, etc.
  2. Dishes, cups, drinking glasses, non-breakable is best for kids.
  3. Pots and pans
  4. Sheets and blankets/quilts/afghans
  5. Towels, wash cloths, dish cloths and dish towels.
  6. pillows/pillowcases

When families leave the shelter they are given a pillow/pillowcase, toiletry bag, 2 sets of clothing per member and a blanket if they do not have them.  The above items help set up a new household for those not returning to their previous home. The shelter recently received a large quantity of baby clothing that will last for a while and another group is doing a baby drive so although we don’t have an “official” baby month you can include any baby items you may have any time you’re sending a box to the shelter.

 March/April   Summer Clothing


Shorts, capris, lightweight pants, leggings, shirts, dresses and skirts in sizes 4T to 16/18.  Baby sizes can also be sent.  Wanblee has a pool kids can use at the school so swimsuits are also needed.  Since no one can afford sunscreen, sun hats are needed too.

  1. Shoes – sandals, flip-flops, canvas type or other summer shoes.  New or gently used.

Women at the shelter

  1. Shorts, capris, pants and shirts in sizes 8/10 through 16/18, plus sizes also needed.
  2. Sandals, flip flops and other summer type shoes, larger sizes 9-11 needed too.

May/June  Bags and Bedding

  1. Bags – Totes, Backpacks/school bags, pencil cases, toiletry bags, duffels, diaper bags, messenger bags and purses.  Make totes ahead to be filled later with school supplies, Christmas gifts, toiletries, etc.   
  2. Blankets/afghans/quilts/receiving blankets – all sizes baby through full size.
  3. Sheets – crib through queen size.
  4. Pillowcases/pillows

July/August   School Needs

School supplies – paper, pens, pencils, markers, crayons, etc.

  1. School Clothing – Pants, shirts, skirts, light jackets or hoodies, etc. 4T through 16/18.
  2. Socks, Underwear, Pajamas –  Underwear must be new
  3. Shoes – Sturdier shoes are best as most don’t have winter boots.  All sizes.   

September/October  Warm Winter Gear

  1. Winter coats, hoodies, fleece pullovers, sweaters, ponchos for sizes infant through adult.
  2. Gloves, mittens, scarves, cowls, hats.  Get out your crochet hooks and knitting needles, sew them in fleece  or buy ready made.

November/December  Christmas

November to be used for getting gifts ready to be shipped after Thanksgiving and before parties begin in December.  Will publish a Christmas list in late summer/early fall.  Many of you work on items for this event all year long .

The monthly projects won’t change however, we may have additional requests from the areas we serve as we learn of their needs.  

We invite you to join us on our Yahoo group, Sew For Lakota Kids, and/or our Facebook group, Sew For Kids Volunteers. You will meet many talented and interesting people on the sites. The facebook group is a very active group so if you want to share patterns, sewing tips, hear about sales etc , we suggest  that you join that group. We welcome other charities and church groups to work with as well. While we started out as a sewing group, many of our wonderful members, knit and crochet so feel free to join us as there are months when those talents are very  much needed. We work together often with the Ravelry group ” For the Children of Pine Ridge Reservation” and the Halfknits  and will be doing more projects together with them this year.

Thank you all for your continuing support of the kids and their families on the Rez.


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