2016 Project List

Every January Sew For Kids sets project goals for the year ahead.  We try our best to choose projects that help provide what people want and need so your time, talents and money are used wisely.   Keep in mind the list below isn’t written in stone and things can change on the Rez overnight, something we have no control over.  We can tell you the major projects such as the baby needs, Easter, winter items and Christmas won’t change but more needs could be added during those months.  Since we’re now helping the communities of Wanblee and Martin, we have lots of options open to us.  We’re going to try a few different projects this year including helping individual families in need, identified by our contacts in Wanblee and Martin, and the other being a school/classroom project.  We’ve tried working with a Head Start class in the past but didn’t work out as we couldn’t get the cooperation needed from those in charge.  We’ll give this project another try if we can find people willing to work with us.

We’ve decided to give each project two months to allow plenty of time for completion since most of you are either still working and/or raising families or on a fixed monthly income.  This extra time will also allow us to work on short term projects such as a family in need or emergency requests we receive from our contacts.  Although we’re mainly a sewing group, we realize not everything can or should be sewn as sometimes the best value is to order online and get free shipping.  We also want to welcome other crafters to join with us, knitters, crocheters, weavers, etc.  There’s always something you can do to make a difference to the kids we help.  So our main list of projects for the year is below and also a list of ongoing projects that might need resources from time to time.  We’ll elaborate more on each project when it begins, but wanted to get the list out ASAP as we have lots of members just waiting to sink their teeth into something.  Heck, some of you are starting on Christmas gifts for the 2016 party!!

January/February   Baby (0-24 months)  and Toddler (2-4/5 T) needs for the Sacred Shawl Society and for the nurse at the Martin Clinic for distribution to patients.  Those not working on babies can be planning/working on gifts for the Easter party.  We don’t have a date for the party yet but Easter is March 27.

February/March   Baby and Toddler needs still ongoing and Wanblee Easter Party gifts and donations for food.

April/May  Summer clothing for the kids in both Wanblee and the Sacred Shawl Society.  Non-sewers, garage sales are starting, yippee!!

June/July   Lot of variety for these two months….. for the sewers make pencil cases, back packs for younger children, summer pj’s, pillows and pillowcases….. For the shoppers look for good, gently used school clothing, coats, hoodies, etc. at summer garage sales and start watching for sales, usually in July, for socks, underwear, shoes and school supplies. Get a head start on making Christmas gifts for the Rez children.

August/September   Making warm items for the cold months ahead including hats, mittens, scarves, blankets, sleep sacks, slipper socks, warm school clothing, winter pj’s, etc. for both the shelter and Wanblee.

October/ November    Use these two months to sew/craft and shop for Christmas gifts for the party.  Many will still be working on the warm hats and mittens to send as gifts and the doll project should be going in full swing.   Shipping will start after Thanksgiving.

December       Finish up Christmas projects and ship boxes to arrive at least a week before the party, date still undecided but probably December 10 or 17.  Take a well deserved break and enjoy the holidays with your families and friends!


Ongoing projects that may need our help:

Popcorn supplies for movie nights in Wanblee, the Martin Youth Center and the shelter.

Items for the Youth Center in Martin, Wanblee Community Center, Martin Clinic, etc. including toys, books, crafts, school supplies, etc.

Wanblee Sewing Circle – notions and fabric

Individual Families – As identified by Jerome in Wanblee and Kimmie in Martin.

School Project  and also Box tops and Shoparoo Project, amazon Prime donations etc

Sacred Shawl Society – Once they’re open will need many things replaced on an ongoing basis.  Clothing, pj’s, socks, shoes, and underwear for women, babies and children.  Cleaning and laundry supplies, pantry staples, toys, paper goods, garbage bags, personal hygiene items for women, toiletries, etc.  If you find a good sale on any of these items stock up, chances are they or someone else will need it. Also comfort bags for kids in crisis.

Thanks everyone for your continued support and generosity!   We have 2 sites where we meet up to talk about projects, share ideas etc.  Find us on Sew For Kids Volunteers on Facebook and Sew For Lakota Kids on Yahoo. Our facebook site is by far the most active but if you post on yahoo, , we will answer you. We hope this year holds good health and happiness for you all and we look forward to working with you in the coming year.


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