A Visit to the Shelter

Janet S , my co-administrator on SFK stopped off at the Women’s Shelter in Martin to meet the Director – Kimmie Clausen, to drop off stuff and hopefully tour the place.

Here is the note she sent back to me . She may have photos in the future and will try while on the Rez but depends on connections that are available to her.

This note clarifies some of the information that we told you about.Thank you Janet for taking the time to educate us. It looks like we will have a nice working relationship with Kimmie and the Sacred Shawl Society in addition to helping the community of Wanblee.

Got into Martin about 1:30 this afternoon and called Kimmie, she came down to meet us at the DQ and we followed her to the shelter outside of town a couple of miles.  It’s located on tribal land and was someone’s residence so is really nice.  The property is right off the main highway but is surrounded by trees so not visible from the road.  The house has nice kitchen with all appliances, dining area, nice size living room with two hide-a-beds, another round table and chairs off in another corner, nice sized room for the office and two more bedrooms.  She said all the donations they’ve received were in the bedroom and two of those boxes were ones I had just sent.  I didn’t see a lot of things there and believe she said what was there came from us.  Most of them contained clothing and she got some young women to come in and help sort into sizes.  Everything I sent was sorted by size and placed in individual bags with the size stapled on it.  There is a HUGE beautiful bathroom with seperate shower and tub in the corner.  The house is almost entirely carpeted except the bathrooms and kitchen.
Downstairs has a huge living area with TV and kids table and chairs with small bookshelf, another couch and chair, don’t think this one makes into a bed, can’t remember if there was another table or not.  There is a laundry room with washer and dryer, she thinks another washer might be a good idea.  Two bedrooms (pink and blue) and a storage room with the furnace and a door that also goes into the garage.  The decks look like they’re in really good shape but she’s afraid kids might fall off the higher one so that’s why they’re not going to use it.  I took pics with cell phone and camera so might be able to post some of FB if I get a good signal.  Otherwise will send them when I get home next Friday.
Outdoors is nice, surrounded by trees but definitely not an easy property to mow.  Took a pic of future garden site and play area.  Hope they all come out.  Kimmie is a great lady with a big heart and I think we’ll have a great working relationship with her.  They’re hoping to open the doors the first of October so we have plenty of time to help get things together.  We stopped at WM this morning and finished filling the car.  Before I forget here’s what I bought:  large package of size 4 diapers, 2 largest size of sanitary pads, wipes, lg pkg. toilet paper, 3 speed fan, 5 boxes macaroni/cheese, lg. oatmeal, laundry basket, storage containers, canister set.  Already packed were light bulbs, kleenex, toiletries, toothpaste, toothbrushes, lots of interactive kids toys, kitchen linens, large bag of towels, two sewing machines, boys underwear, plastic drinking glasses and plates, sugar, salt, coffee, crockpot, toaster and so much more stuff I don’t know about because it was donated by my SIL and didn’t want to unpack all of it.
One thing I thought they might need was some simple tools but ran out of room.  The only tools they have are a hammer and a screw driver she brought from home.  Well my brain is tired and can’t think of anything else so if I remember anything else tomorrow will write it down.  All in all it was a good day and I came away with a very good feeling about the shelter, Kimmie and the women she can help.
If you have further questions, we will call Kimmie. I hope to soon get a spreadsheet on the site soon so that we can keep track of what is being sent and what is still needed. We ,of course, once it is up and functioning will have to send some items that need replacing due to usage or to giving them to moms in need who leave the center.
Thanks to all of you who have already sent in items or are soon planning on sending in the items. YOU are the Best !

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