The Easter Project

We’re late getting this month’s project up but the High Horse’s have been dealing with recent deaths in the family as well as the usual urgent needs so prevalent this time of year. They are busy making food and wood deliveries, processing the NAHA truck, hosting the monthly elders bingo night and movie night for the kids and advocating for the 20 plus families that cannot pay their electric bills and are about to be shut off.  The sewing circle is planning to meet on a regular basis and will have some needs which we’ll post at a later date along with other program needs.

SFK helps Jerome and Theresa with two parties a year, Christmas and Easter.  We’re a small group and don’t have the resources to help with all the yearly events so Theresa has asked us to help with these two as they’re the ones that matter most to the community.  This year’s Easter party will be held April 4 at the Kennedy Hall with an egg hunt (in rain or snow) for ages 3-10 and fun game booths for all the kids, even elders have been known to join in on the fun. No party or event is held on the Rez without food being served (menu still undecided) and people are always hungry so that’s a major draw for many who attend.

They’re expecting about 200 to 250 kids to attend so they would like to have a total of 5000 plastic eggs for the hunt, 1200 were saved from last year’s party so they still need 3800.  They plan to fill the majority of the eggs with small prizes/toys and some will have a token indicating they’ve won an additional prize. There was a discussion about giving out candy but they decided nutritious snacks were more appropriate since so many kids have cavities due to poor diet and hygiene. There’s also a high incidence of diabetes on the Rez and many children are overweight so they’re trying to encourage more nutritious eating.  Each child will receive a treat bag containing fresh fruit, nuts, granola bars, raisins, etc. and maybe a piece or two of candy.  The fruit will be purchased at the local grocery store as the High Horses want to support the few  businesses they have.  This store provided 100 sandwiches for the Christmas party and entered a float in the parade for the first time this year indicating they want to play a role in the community.  Donations are needed to purchase the fruit and can be sent to the 501c3 nonprofit organization, Lakota Friends Circle, thru paypal (email address- or by mailing to

Lakota Friends Circle

2415 Amberbrook Lane

Grayson, GA 30017

 The organization’s website will soon be up. All donations would be used for the fruit or other food purchases for the party if more money came in than was needed for the fruit. You can indicate on Paypal or in a letter that the money is for the party. The organization will honor your request.

So for the party they will need “egg stuffers”…….stickers, temporary tattoos, small cars and trucks, small animals, McDonald type toys, action figures, shoelaces, erasers, small balls, finger puppets, hair ties, lip gloss/chap stick, bracelets, earrings, etc.  This site has a list of ideas for stuffing the eggs and prizes for the game booths, Oriental Trading  has some good ideas too as do many of the dollar stores.

For the treat bags……. individual packages of crackers, raisins, granola bars, trail mix, peanuts, almonds, etc.

Gift items are needed for the raffle and egg hunt prizes so here’s where you can use your crafting skills.  Make or buy an individual gift or create an entire themed gift basket (include a healthy snack) for a child ages 3-10.  Wrapping your basket in cellophane and adding a bow will make it extra special . Please include a note indicating the child’s age and if for a boy, girl or either.  A very special thanks to Brenda Budd, one of our generous supporters, for a donation of 1,000 coloring books, these will be a big hit at the party!!  If you have an extra box of crayons, colored pencils or markers please send with your next box.   Below are some ideas for things you could add to your baskets, we certainly don’t mean for you to include everything listed. The more gift baskets received the more  raffles and “prize eggs” included in the hunt. If you want some ideas for  baskets for the various ages you can get some from Operation Christmas Child here. Consider when Christmas comes around to send a box or 2 their way!

  • Sport Basket – Soccer, basketball, etc. theme….. include a T-shirt, ball, small portable basketball hoop and ball, book, sports cards, baseball cap, sunscreen, peanuts, water bottle, etc.
  • Craft Bag – Basic crafting items such as crayons, paper, coloring books, markers, colored pencils, safety scissors, glue stick, stickers, etc.  Use a canvas bag to hold everything, kids can decorate the outside or sewers make your own.
  •  Jewelry Making – Include everything you need to create your own necklace, bracelet…. lacing, beads,  patterns, books, etc.
  • Sand Box Bag – plastic bucket, shovel, molds, plastic containers, small plastic animals to “bury” and dig up( like dinosaurs), etc.
  • Nature Basket – Clear plastic box for specimens, magnifying glass, nature book, etc.
  • Book themed bag – Sewers make a book bag, add a book and stuffed animal or other item/s from the book.
  • Game Basket – card games, connect 4, make a tic tac toe game, bingo game etc add hot chocolate and healthy snack.
  • Movie Basket – DVD, popcorn, blanket or pillow to curl up with, hot chocolate and mug.
  • Makeup Basket – Lip gloss, eye shadow, manicure kit, lotion, etc
  • Hygiene Bags for older kids- deodorant , soap, shampoo, razor, make a toiletry bag for the contents, combs, toothpaste , toothbrush, pads for females etc
  • Hair Care Basket – shampoo, conditioner, hair bands, barrettes, other fun accessories.
  • Party Basket – Cake mix and frosting, invitations, balloons, party hats, etc.
  • Zoo , Marine, or Farm Animal Basket – books, plastic or stuffed animals, puzzles, or animal themed activities
  • Garden Basket – Kids gardening tools, plastic flower pots, seeds, book or other garden related activities.
  • Picnic Basket – Quilt/blanket, plastic dishes and utensils, napkins, cans of sandwich meats etc.
  • Bicycle Basket – Tire repair kit, light, horn, safe bike riding rules, helmet.
  • Cooking Basket – Sew an apron, cookbook for kids, choose a recipe from the book and include everything needed.
  • Superhero Basket – Make a costume – cape and mask, coloring book, temporary tattoos, energy bars, other themed items.
  • Outdoor Fun Basket – Bubbles, jump rope, sidewalk chalk, sunhat, sunscreen, sunglasses, etc.
  • Bath Time Basket – Bubble bath, bath toys, no tear shampoo, bath mitt, washcloth, towel, etc.
  • Craft Basket – pick your favorite craft and add everything to create beading, lacing, sewing, embroidering, quilting, painting, etc.
  • Fabric painting – Make animals/dolls from muslin, add some markers or fabric crayons, yarn and plastic needle, etc. and let kids create their own one of a kind art.
  • Bedtime Basket – PJ’s, slippers, book, hot chocolate, pillow and pillowcase, stuffie etc.
  • BFF Bag – include autograph book, paper and fabric markers, pillow or animal for all those BFF’s to sign, embroidery floss and instructions for making friendship bracelets.
  • Breakfast Basket – Cereal, cereal bowl and spoon, kid’s placemat, powdered milk, raisins, nuts, hot chocolate and mug.
  • Lego Basket – Lego’s, plastic container for storage, book and other Lego themed items.
  • Puzzle Bag – Puzzles and puzzle books, pencil and eraser, etc.
  • School Supply Bag – Pencils, eraser, pencil sharpener, glue stick, paper, folders, healthy snack, calculator.
  • Baby Bag – Bib, washcloths, outfit, baby wash/shampoo, diapers( consider making a cloth diaper bag with all the needs for diapering)
  • Play dough bags – roller, shapes, mat , etc
  • Journal Bag, – journal or a scrapbook , items to decorate it with , calendar, pens etc photo envelopes(for school pictures)
  • Puppet bag- puppets or items to make their own, storybook, coloring pages etc
  • Kids Busy Bags – Pick your favorite theme make a few activities and add a snack.

These are just a few of the thousands of ideas available on the internet.  We would love to see pictures of your finished baskets/bags and welcome your suggestions and ideas.   Please let us know if you’re sending gifts or gift baskets so we know the number being sent.  Thank you for helping the High Horse’s with this party, if the past is any indication, our wonderful volunteers will make it a huge success. Please send your gifts to this address.

Thanks from Sew For Kids


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