2015 Preliminary Monthly Project List

Janet Schnurlein and I ( Carol Binnington) the co administrators of the SFK blog and groups, have put together a list of projects for 2015  as we have people who would like to get working on next year’s projects as well as take advantage of the sales pre and post Christmas. One of the things we hope to change for the new year is starting earlier on the Easter and Christmas parties so everyone avoids feeling rushed and you have more time to spend with your families during the holiday seasons.   We’re waiting for input from Jerome and Theresa on the needs for next year but they’re presently busy with the upcoming Christmas party so the list may change once they have time to look things over,

January -Baby Month – NB to 24 months…new or gently used items welcome –  clothing for all seasons, burp pads, cloth diapers, bibs, receiving blankets, quilts, afghans and blankets. sleep sacks… fleece for winter, flannel or cotton for summer, training pants, washcloths, towels, crib and playpen sheets, toys and books NB-24 months, changing pads, sweaters, booties, baby dishes and cutlery, bottles,  baby toiletries, disposable diapers.

February/March- items for the Easter party – craft bags, busy bags for the younger ones, books and sports/active play equipment such as balls, Frisbees, sand toys, etc.  Socks and underwear for age 2 up.  Will have to wait and see what Theresa wants for the party, maybe some raffle items?

April/May -Summer clothing – shorts, tops , summer shoes including canvas, athletic, flip flops, sandals, etc. summer dresses, light sweaters, jackets or sweatshirts (hoodies), sun hats, sunglasses, sunscreen.  Make boys clothing one month and girls the other or sew your preference.

June – Miscellaneous needs/projects – Time to make pencil cases and school bags.  Food supplies for movie night…popping corn, oil, hot chocolate, drink mixes.  Sewing Circle needs – fabric, thread, batting, etc.  Will get a list from Theresa.

July –  Early Christmas gifts/Household linens – Start planning gifts that are labor intensive such as afghans, quilts, jackets, etc.  Towels and other linens are a luxury item on the Rez, we’re adding this need to July as stores will start running sales for students going off to college, school supplies will also start going on sale.

August – Back to School – socks, underwear, shoes, school supplies

September – Fall/Winter clothing – pants, long sleeve shirts, sweats, hoodies, jackets, warm dresses

October/November/December – Christmas gifts and anything warm – Including PJ’s, hats, mittens/gloves, scarves/cowls, winter coats, boots, fleece pants and tops, warm socks, slippers, blankets, afghans and quilts.  Much of the above can be given as Christmas gifts but we want to send each child a book or toy too.   Christmas gifts need to be sent by the first week of December.

Well that should keep us busy for a few weeks.  This list will not change very much as the needs remain pretty much the same year after year.  There may be a few additions as the High Horse’s let us know of needs their community has.  We appreciate everything our generous volunteers do for the kids and we’ll try not to bog you down with every little request made.  There are the little extras for the kids such as the popcorn supplies for movie night but we only include that because these kids have so little to look forward to during their summer vacation.  We believe supporting activities for the kids is one of the reasons suicide rates are down.   We are making a difference!


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