Boys and Their Summer Needs Etc

Sorry for the delay in getting this blog out but my husband’s younger sister passed away last week after a long illness, we’re so thankful she’s at peace now.  Just as one door closes another opens as was true in our family this week with the birth of a new granddaughter.  Having two grandsons already, both dear to our hearts, we were all happy to welcome a granddaughter.

May is the month we’re sewing or purchasing summer clothing for boys, hopefully you’ve been working ahead and not waiting for my post.  Boys definitely need a few changes of  summer clothes, at least my grandsons do, as they’re pretty rough on their clothes and seem to gravitate toward dirt, maybe more so than girls.  I’ve lost count of the pants I’ve repaired this year with holes in the knees, trying to get out grass and mud stains is another weekly chore for their mother and me with some remaining as a testament of their escapades.   We wouldn’t want it any other way and neither do parents on the Rez, we all want our kids out playing in the fresh air, getting exercise and exploring, however parents on the Rez don’t have a lot of extra clothing nor do they have access to laundry facilities and detergent.  Having extra clothing for their kids means less wear and tear on each garment which means they won’t be worn out when they’re handed down to the next child and they have enough clothing to last until they can get resources together to make a trip to the laundromat.

The boys need shorts and shirts/T-shirts (darker colors hide dirt) and the younger ones love cartoon characters, superheroes and sports themes as seen here.  If you don’t have any kids prints add a contrasting pocket in primary colors to a pair of shorts or add an applique of a basketball, dinosaur or other boy friendly subject to a T-shirt you make or purchase to give it a little pizzazz.  Younger boys don’t need a fly on their shorts, even the older ones don’t but if you want to add a false fly you can find the how-to here.  Many of the shorts patterns I purchased didn’t have a fly front.

We have lots of free patterns on the board “Sewing for Boys” at our Pinterest site and I have some on my board “Boys Clothing Sewing Projects”.  Commercial patterns can be had at JoAnn’s for 99 cents or check the thrift stores or yard sales to get them even cheaper.  A pattern can also be made from a ready made pair of shorts, instructions here or refashion a pair of shorts from a T-shirt as shown here.  T-shirts can be made but sometimes knits are hard to find so why not check the sale racks, garage sales and thrift shops for some gently used ones, just remember to stick to the guidelines for used clothing found here.  If you are lucky enough to have some knit fabric here and here  are a few free patterns for shirts or again just trace around a shirt you already have and add seam allowances.  I have some knits in my stash so will be making some T-shirts, may have to color block a few but that only adds interest to the garment.

Another needed item for the hot summers on the Rez is a hat.  The sun is very intense there and the use of sunscreen is rare, mainly because it’s considered a luxury item to families that don’t have a lot of money for the non-essentials.  Kids love to be outside so we want to protect them while they play, any sunburns acquired during their younger years predisposes them to skin cancer when they’re older.   Below are a few hat patterns to try.

Free hat patterns at Love to Know

Making a baby hat video

Scrappy sun hat tutorial

Sun hat with brim tutorial

Reversible bucket hat tutorial

Reversible hat tutorial

Sun hat with brim – tutorial

April Cobb sunhat tutorial

And  finally if you happen to find flip flops or other summer shoes for the kids they would be greatly appreciated. The ones they wore for school either no longer fit or have been worn down to a frazzle.  Many kids go barefoot but foot infections from stepping on broken glass, nails, etc. and burns from walking on hot pavement are always a risk not to mention being downright uncomfortable.  Gently used shoes are welcome too!

Summer vacation is right around the corner and the High Horse’s will soon be seeing kids running around in their torn, stained and ill fitting summer clothing.  So please all you sewers and shoppers, join us this month and help provide some new clothing for these deserving kids.  Can’t you just see the smile on their faces when Jerome and Theresa hand them a new outfit or pair of shoes??  Some of the children will be attending daycare where the workers will give clothing to families that need help.  Don’t forget to share your favorite patterns and photos of your finished projects.  Happy sewing!

Items made can be sent here to the High Horses. Thanks as always from Sew For Kids.





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