Pillowcases For Kids

The final project we’ll make this month is a child’s pillowcase. There have been many pillowcase drives on the web for kids that are ill, homeless or those going to new foster homes or experiencing other problems. Children on the Rez need their spirits lifted as well and a new, brightly colored pillowcase is something we can do to help. Usually we accept used items in good condition but for this project we’d like the pillowcase to be purchased new or constructed of new materials. Of course if your fabric happens to be a sheet that’s barely used that’s acceptable too, just don’t forget to add some colorful trim or contrasting fabric to make it “kid appealing”. We’re sewing standard sized cases, finished size 21″ x 32″ for children ages 2 through early teens so you have a wide variety of fabrics to choose from.  I’m on a fabric diet now because I promised my husband no more purchases until my stash loses some girth!

There are plenty of pillowcase tutorials on the web but I do want to recommend using the techniques shown here, here and here. There are some really creative ideas here and they use a technique that encases the seam so it doesn’t ravel when laundered, especially good if you don’t own a serger.  Lots of patterns here and here if you have lots of smaller pieces in your scrap bag.

This project is a lot of fun and goes really fast once you make the first one. Bonnie at Fishstick designs has it down to 9 1/2minutes ! It’s also a great first sewing project to do with your children or grandchildren as Jan P did with her 7 year old granddaughter Zoey, french seams to boot!  Not only did she learn some new sewing skills and help make 9 pillowcases but she also learned about “giving back” by making something for someone in need.  Children helping children, what great inspiration for us all! Lets here it for the kids! Jan and her granddaughter's ' pillowcaseswcase Love the colors.  Will brighten a child’s day/night.

These pillowcases will be given out as gifts at the community parties, at the clinic as a “reward” for coming in for immunizations, etc. and to those children experiencing any kind of trauma or loss.  My sister made my 2 grandsons a few pillowcases and they use them on the pillow but also use them to cuddle with like a small blanket.  Pillowcases can cover up an old pillow and make it look new again or if the child doesn’t have a pillow they can make one by filling it up with clothing as children do in foster care when they fill it up with their belongings.  There are many other ways to use a pillowcase as seen here and here.

We know many of our sewers also knit and crochet and Jean in WI, one of our volunteers who’s also a Ravelry member, volunteered to start a group over there to attract new members and generate more interest for our cause. Some of the supporters on our site asked if one could be set up. Jean just informed me the new Sew For Kids  Ravelry group is up and ready to join and welcomes any of you interested in knitting and crocheting to come on over and check it out. Many of you are probably already Ravelry members and use the site often as there are tons of free and designer patterns for sale. If you’re not a Ravelry member and want to join you can do so here.  Thanks Jean for the getting the site set up. Thanks to Tamie G for helping to moderate the group along with Jean.  Keep those suggestions coming!

Please share photos of your pillowcases or other projects.  Our next blog will update you on some Wanblee news.  As always thanks from Sew For Kids. Sweet Dreams Kids!


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