Simple and Fun Scrap Project

The next project I’m tackling this month is washcloths because my stash is full of stretch terry, cotton, flannel and knit scraps begging to be used.  You can also use minky or chenille  scraps for young babies if you happen to have any of those in your stash.  Stained or blemished towels can be recycled into washcloths, just cut around the flaw and finish the edges by serging or binding as shown here.  Upcycle an old cotton sweater shown here, or use an old cotton blanket for some really great washcloths.  You can buy premade baby washcloths and make them even better using the tutorial found here.  If you use knits for your project check out this link for some great tips in sewing with knits.  Washcloth sizes can be anywhere from 8″ to 12″ square, smaller ones being better for babies and larger ones for older kids.

I basically made my washcloths using this video.   You can round the corners  by using a plate or bowl edge at the corners to make the curve.  I think it’s good to sew an “X”  or a few parallel lines across the fabric to keep the layers from shifting.  These would be good for children of all ages as well as adults.  The washcloths I made last month to match the hooded towels didn’t use  topstitching but if you’re using that pattern I recommend adding this extra step, also good to do on double layered receiving blankets.

If you don’t have fabric large enough for this project get your scrap bag out and “piece” a square and iron your seams open to reduce bulk.  Make it an “I Spy” cloth for the little ones by using kid prints with dogs, cats, etc. for them to find.   Here’s another way to make a washcloth that stays on your hand while bathing.   Then there’s always the puppet washcloths for kids shown  here and here , if you have the time and want to make something a little more challenging.  I guarantee the kids will love them!  I’m always searching the web for more ideas this is what showed up when googling “washcloths to sew“.

Washcloths can also be knitted and crocheted, I’ve used this classic washcloth pattern many times in matching pastels and tying them together with ribbon for a nice gift.   More patterns for knit and crochet cloths  here, here and here.   We don’t want to leave out the loom knitters, you can find a pattern here using the blue loom.

If you still want more patterns check out the washcloths to make in the crochet and knit sections on Ravelry.  Don’t forget to check out our SFK February project board on our Pinterest site.  Send us your favorite patterns so we can share them with others and “Pin” them to our boards.

Most of the country is stuck in more winter weather so chase away those winter blues by sewing, knitting or crocheting washcloths for the Wanblee kids.  Most kids love bath time so let’s make it “funner” with a cute washcloth so they can “scrub a dub dub  in their little tubs.”  If you do help with this project, send them here.  As always thanks for your help and continuing support.

Photos of my washcloth creations . I finally uploaded the towels I made and put them in the “February Project” blog.


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