June Project

It’s JUNE and time for another project. I know it’s been awhile since the last blog but I never imagined that selling my house of 34 years would be so stressful. Preparing the house for sale and purchasing a new home so far away (west coast) in a few months time has taken a toll on my normally resilient stamina. Leaving a place that I love and many good friends is hard but am lucky to have lots of wonderful memories to cherish.  The good news is we’ll be closer to our children and grandchildren, something we planned to do eventually just not so soon.

My “sewing time” has consisted of sorting through fabric and notions deciding what to take with my husband continually looking over my shoulder asking if I plan to take ALL that fabric and of course my reply is “Yes”!  Although my plans of sewing shorts for the April/May project fell flat,  I do have some summer clothing and other things to ship.  I’m hoping some of you have had the time to sew for the kids or go bargain hunting at all the spring garage sales.

Please ship your donations to Theresa and Jerome High Horse here.  We would love to see pictures of the goodies you sent.  Also a big thanks to those of you who donated items for Riley and Carly, two girls who didn’t have any clothing due to their home situation.  The girls were thrilled with their new clothes and loved the books that some of you sent.

We set the date to receive any book bags or craft bags for the Head Start kids as June 1, 2013 so we could see how many more were needed. I think we’re close to having 40 craft bags made and filled (thanks to those who made and filled them) but need a count on how many book bags we still need. I have about 20 here so please let me know if you have any for the project, shipping instructions will be posted soon.

For JUNE we want to concentrate on replenishing the supply of baby things for nurses Debbie and Michelle. They mainly need items for newborns to 6 months, the time when moms needs are greatest and babies are rapidly growing. By providing baby clothing and blankets to parents, we’re freeing up money they can use for other essentials such as formula and baby food. Breastfeeding is preferable to formula but not all women can do it and many can’t afford the supplies if they need to go back to school or work and they need to pump. Check here for a list of items to make.  Check out our pattern page for items to make. Michelle at Rosebud has requested onesies, sleepers and summer outfits, they still have enough of everything else but Debbie in Wanblee needs everything so anything on the list will be welcomed. If you can help us out with the June project, please let us know what you can donate, here on the blog, our facebook page or our yahoo group. By coordinating our efforts with other volunteers, we can ensure the nurses receive a good assortment of needed items and don’t end up with all onesies or all sleepers and nothing else. Don’t forget to share your photos with everyone for inspiration. Items for Michelle should be sent here, items for Debbie here.  Thanks for supporting the babies!


2 thoughts on “June Project

  1. Hi! I know how much time it takes to move. We moved after 35 yrs in our house…..and we only moved 600 feet to a new house. I have 15 book bags ready….just have to get the literacy activities together and I will be mailing them. Jan Eggert

    • Thanks Jan. We will soon have reached our goal as a few others responded today. Thank your group for helping again with another project.
      Yes moving is a stress and something I did not need at the moment but there will be an end to it and will hopefully soon be sitting on the beach.

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