Thanks From Our Recipients on the Rez

It’s official, I’m now a California homeowner having closed on our home there this week. After living 30 plus years in the Midwest life is going to change… snow, ice and tornado warnings will soon be replaced with traffic woes and the threat of earthquakes.  Fortunately our new home is close to the beach and away from the noise of some of the more populated areas. We’ll be closer to our children and grandchildren, the main reason for relocating. Being near  family is important to us but hard to do if you have jobs, we’re both retired now so that made the decision much easier.

We’re putting our current home on the market soon, some folks are showing some interest so crossing my fingers we’ll be lucky enough to sell it ourselves soon as we hope to be in CA by July1. A bit of advice to anyone contemplating a move in the future, go through your house from time to time and clear the clutter. Trying to get rid of old paints, chemicals, etc not used in years, is time consuming and not a lot of fun. We’re making lots of trips around the community finding homes for things no longer needed but are still in good condition. Our goal is to keep as much as possible out of the landfill which is a little easier as we live in a community with good recycling programs and are hoping for the same in CA.

House issues are eating into my sewing time but I still managed to finish some scrap quilt tops using patterns from blog searches and books at the local library. To keep the creative juices flowing each one will be different using patterns that will make the best use of my scraps.  Everyone should have a scrap bag, if you don’t have one why not start one with leftovers from your next project.  Also finished are 3 T shirt dresses which turned out really cute and didn’t take a lot of sewing time, plans next week are making skirts and skorts for the girls and shorts for kids to match all the tops that were found during recent closet cleaning adventures. I also found some larger pieces of flannel that will be made into burp cloths for our future “baby month” project which will re-stock the clinics in Wanblee and Rosebud.  I promise photos in the next blog.
I volunteered at our local library sale this week with all earnings going toward supporting children’s programs and new books for the kids department.  My dream is that someday kids on the Rez will have access to their own well stocked library where they can participate in fun learning programs. Following are several notes SFK received this past week from  those we work with on the Rez.

From Nurse Debbie in Wanblee.

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  Thank you for the condoms!  I shared them with a counselor, Beth Carnes, at Crazy Horse School.  We’re planning to do a Health Ed presentation at the school this month and we can use more.   Other things that would be helpful:  small books for small readers, books for infants with touchy/feely, crinkle items that infants can touch and feel. The grocery cart cover was good, play mats would be good too.  I think these kinds of things would encourage Moms to “be” more engaged with their infants.  May help empower the new mothers, stimulate interest, and encourage exploration.  Thanks for the clothes, baby bundles, and diapers.  I had some “appear” in my office. I assume they came from you sending them to the High Horses. Thanks for all the things, especially  girls’ clothes, I had one patient ask for more girls’ clothes, age 3-12 months,  “because”, she said, “the nurse always has  the cutest stuff”.  Thanks for making me look good!!!!  I told her I would be sure to tell my Christian group that sends me things. Thank you, guys, so very much!! I couldn’t do this on my own, guys.  Thank you for all your help!  I feel this is a small part of spreading the kindness of the Lord to others by giving so unselfishly of ourselves.  Thank you.  Thank you. Thank you.  Other things I’m in need of :  sugar free suckers, (thanks, I got the two bags sent in the last shipment), small coloring books (immunization related) if possible, small packs of crayons  (4-6 crayons to a pack). I’m just finishing up the ones sent 1-2 years, ago!. Thanks, those lasted a long time.  Also, stickers are always helpful.  These are just small things, but they mean so much to the little ones.  Thank you to all who spend hours, knitting, crocheting, sewing, crafting, and /or whatever your God given talent is, even if it is just sharing some of your resources with us.  I admire, and appreciate you all. Together, we can make a big difference, one small idea/concern/act of kindness at a time.  I also appreciate your prayers, because I could never do this on my own.   It’s only by the grace of God!!!  Thanks again,  I hope you have a blessed week.”

From Nurse Michelle at Rosebud Hospital Women’s Clinic

“Hey Carol, it seems like a long time since we talked.  We are still doing well with baby items for now. In the next month we could probably use some baby clothing such as onsies and sleepers, outfits, things like that.  Otherwise we still have a pretty good stock pile. Thanks for all that you ALL do for us !”   Michelle

From Jerome and Theresa. Jerome is recovering nicely from surgery and eager to get on with his community work.

“We can’t thank you enough for all the great support and assistance, given to the children in our community.
Again thanks to each and everyone in your groups.
We feel the great spirit has blessed us with ANGELS

Check here for the addresses to our programs.

Everything you do for our friends in Wanblee and Rosebud whether it’s sewing, knitting, crafting, sending clothing, party supplies, food, donating funds or just spreading the word about the plight of Native Americans, is greatly appreciated and giving hope and vitality to their communities. You are making a difference! SFK wouldn’t exist without all the kind hearts and skills of our members, so thanks to all of you for a job well done.  Stay with us or join us


2 thoughts on “Thanks From Our Recipients on the Rez

  1. Nurse Debbie – found some great immunization coloring books to print online. Making some to send your way.

    • Donna
      Please send the coloring books thru Theresa and Jerome High Horse but please say these are for Debbie.They will call her and have her pick them up or take them to her when she is at the office.
      I have some little kids books to send to her to give out to the kids she sees at the clinic.
      Thanks again Donna.


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