Easter Party in Wanblee

I recently received a note from Jerome High Horse asking if we could help with the Easter party being held the afternoon of March 23.  The Easter bunny isn’t part of their traditions but there is an annual Easter egg hunt the kids really look forward to. I know we’re still working on the Wanblee Daycare needs through March, but we have a lot of volunteers that really enjoy working on parties and we thought those folks would love to have the chance to make another party a success like they did with those at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We will do an update on the success of the Daycare Drive late next month.

Jerome shared some really good news during our last conversation.  He said since they’ve started having community activities there hasn’t been a single suicide in the Wanblee area in over a year!  Oh what wonderful news that is! Youth suicide rates on the Rez are about 3 times the national average. While we don’t know for sure if the activities are the reason for the decline we do know that providing kids with a safe and fun environment in the company of caring adults shows them someone does care about them, gives them something to look forward to and restores their hope that life can get better.  Not only have the parties had a tremendous effect on the youth but the entire community at large. The community has grown closer together as they’ve worked on these parties and they’ve developed a sense of pride as they see what they can accomplish by working together and taking charge of their future.

In the past Jerome and his wife Theresa have tried to sponsor a party for the kids but since 500 people are expected they simply can’t afford it.  Each year Jerome has to buy more plastic Easter eggs because the kids want to keep the ones they’ve found on the hunt.  Why they want to keep them Jerome doesn’t really know but each year he has to replace them.  So when you see those plastic eggs going for cheap after Easter load up for next year’s party, you can stuff a lot of them in a box and they don’t weigh much either.

Below is a list of things they would like, most are inexpensive (except the bike) and practical but a big treat for the kids. These kids DO get excited when they get school supplies as most of them either don’t have them or are constantly running out.  You can donate the plastic eggs, small toys and some treats or make a completely filled Easter basket for one of the prizes.  Not every child will get a prize but everyone will hunt eggs, play games, eat and share a special time with their family and friends.  If you would prefer to make a monetary donation to help with the food expenses, etc. please donate to Hearts of the Sacred Spirit and specify that your donation is for the Wanblee Easter party.

“ We need items listed:
1st Place – Bike for child 10-12 years of age
2nd Place – Backpack, filled with school supplies
3rd Place – Filled Easter Basket

Easter Egg Hunt items:
Plastic Eggs- they’ll all be filled with candy and some a winning prize number.
Candy, raisins, nuts etc
Baskets- for collecting eggs in, some will be filled for prizes.
Balls, assorted sizes and types
Backpacks (fill with school supplies for one of the prizes)
School supplies such as paper, pencils, crayons, etc.

Food for meal: Weather permitting we will grill-
Hot Dogs and buns
Hamburgers and buns
Desserts & Cookies
Baked Beans
Eggs (they’ll be boiled)
Ketchup, Mustard, Relish

Plastic Ware – Plates, Cups, Spoons, Forks, Knives and Napkins

Your assistance will be greatly appreciated,
God Bless and Thank You

Please help us make this party a special and memorable day for the kids.  If you’re donating goods ,let us know what you’re sending so we can see what is still needed. Thanks from Sew For Kids.


4 thoughts on “Easter Party in Wanblee

  1. Target has really cute Easter party ware in their $1.00 spot also Dollar Tree has really cute things cheap for the holidays.

  2. Thanks for the heads up. Will take a look. Also I got an email from Oriental Trading Company and is free shipping on Easter stuff.
    Maybe we need to post this on Facebook .

  3. I bought 6 dozes plastic eggs at Joann’s a few weeks ago for about 70 cents–30% off. Will mail these soon as well as small bottles of bubbles, some school supplies, etc. I have a box I toss things in for T&J when I find them.

    What wonderful news of no suicides in the last 3 months!

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