November Project #3

I talked with Lisa from Shining Start this past week, it’s getting colder on the Rez and snow has even fallen a couple of times with a pretty big snowfall this past Saturday which made traveling hazardous.  We hope the kids get safely to school as too many missed days upsets the learning “momentum” they have going.

All the cold weather gear our volunteers donated is coming in handy with the recent snowy weather.  Most everything has been given out to the children but they can always use more to keep on hand at the school in case someone forgets (or loses) their hat and mittens or gets wet or muddy from playing outside. I couldn’t count how many hats and mittens my kids lost over the years, my friend’s son lost 2 hats this year in the span of a week.

Lisa and others from Shining Start put together 20 bags from donations they received from us, 10 of those went to Early Head Start (Baby Face Program) and the other 10 went to Debbie’s layette program. Both programs do home visits to mothers where they assess needs, answer questions and give advice on health issues and ways they can encourage their child’s development. NAHA (Native American Heritage Association) sometimes sends trucks to the Rez with goods, including diapers which Debbie and the Baby Face people give out during their home visits. Other items were given away to those who came to the college center who had needs for their children.

Lisa said they recently had a 3 year old they toilet trained in the Head Start classroom in 2 weeks and thanks to all the underwear this group donated, they were able to keep her changed and dry during the process.  Getting children out of diapers as soon as possible helps the family budget as diapers “eat” up a lot of money that is much needed for food and utilities.  Lisa sent me a note and said, “Thank you for all you all do and have given”.

Debbie’s flu clinics continue as do all her home referrals. Theresa told me Debbie has been to the school many times taking care of children’s health needs. It’s extremely hard to catch up with Debbie as she’s on the road, so much traveling back and forth to her many jobs, but we are going to try and talk this coming week and I’ll share the news once I get it.  She was so grateful to get the 10 layette bags Shining Start put together for her clients. She said they’re in need once again of nursing pads, nursing pillows and diaper bags.

She’s also interested in trying out the moby “type wrap saying this in a recent email,  “Carol, this looks like an awesome tool for promoting bonding! I think it would be great if we could get one shipment now and see how they’re received by the patients and see if they’re being utilized. I would’ve loved something like this when my babies were small!  I picked up several layettes last evening at the College Center. I know we need Boppies, and more bags, of some sort, ie diaper bags, or something to put the gifts, clothes, and other items in. Thanks so much!”

So it seems Debbie needs the same items as Michelle does on Rosebud.  She will accept any other baby items too, they’re always needed with 10 or more births a month.  To make layette items, there are many patterns here but I picked out a few patterns of the most needed items she requested as discussed in this blog.  You may use any pattern you like, these are just suggestions.  If you have a favorite pattern share it with us here or on our FB page.  Purchased or used items in good condition are welcome too.

Since the last blog we’ve learned that a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner will definitely be held on November 17th  because of all the generous food donations sent to Theresa and Jerome High Horse and the many monetary donations to Hearts of the Sacred Spirit .  Job well done everyone, we’re so honored to have the opportunity to work with such generous, caring people! We hope to be sharing photos of the dinner and other events as soon as we get them.  Jerome and Theresa are also thankful for people like you who are helping their community with events that bring people together and build relationships, so needed, to get things done that would benefit the community at large.

We realize that the holiday season is rapidly approaching and how busy you all will be with your own families and holiday preparations.  Help if and when you can, needs on the Rez will be there long after the holidays are over.  Thanks from SFK for all you do.


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