November Projects #1

After making end of the month calls around the Rez to various program directors we’ve  learned of some of their pressing needs.  Our part of working with the Rez and “making a difference” is trying to provide what they need for their programs so people will come in and take advantage of what they have to offer which includes material goods, receiving vaccines and other medical care and education which hopefully translates into making healthy lifestyle choices which gives them a step forward.  So our “project of the month” will be whatever appeals to you from the ideas suggested, starting with Rosebud needs.

I spoke with Michelle, OB/GYN nurse at Rosebud hospital, and she reports that the new nurse midwife has arrived and been well received by the patients. She spends time with each patient addressing their concerns and educating them on prenatal care. Hopefully having another female health care worker will help encourage more women to come in for their prenatal visits. Michelle said, believe it or not, the expectant teens are better about coming in for their appointments than the older women.  She’s especially happy about that as they need education the most and are very receptive to it. They are expecting to add another nurse midwife soon but knowing politics on the Rez it could be another year or so before that happens.

Michelle has been doing follow up calls over the last 4-5 months to women who are breastfeeding. While reviewing recent surveys, results indicated that many are nursing longer than she had previously thought. She said it could be due to many factors including:

  • The new breastfeeding initiative on the reservation and lack of drug companies pushing formula at delivery ( no freebies such as diaper bags and formula)
  • Nurses spending time with women while they’re in the hospital giving them support and education for a good start
  • Midwife, nurses and pediatricians stressing the benefits for both mom and baby.
  • Continuing help with problems through the lactation clinic and by phone
  • Providing needed and useful items for moms and babies as incentives , to encourage women to come in for health care

Rosebud Hospital was the first in South Dakota to win the award for being a “baby friendly” hospital. An official from the health department in Abderdeen came and really helped them achieve this goal, which of course they are very proud of.  HIGH FIVES to Rosebud, we’re proud of you!

Now for the needs, diaper bags are #1 on the list.  Michelle says she’s well stocked on most baby items but still doesn’t have enough diaper bags.  She says a BIG THANKS to all of you for stocking her shelves and she’ll let us know when she’s getting low.

Michelle still has some nursing pillows but will need more in the near future. Women like the nursing pads and we’ll be sending some to her shortly, thanks to our October donations from the Hopeful Threads project.  A volunteer from that project made some nursing covers and Michelle said she knows that women would really appreciate them since many live in crowded households with little room for privacy.  I’ll be sending along the ones made this month and hopefully some of our donors will make more.

I also mentioned to Michelle that I had made a few “moby type wraps”  with some donations of fabric and she said the women would love to have those. Bonding between mom and baby is so important and for some, needs encouraging.  These wraps allow mothers to spend time with their baby and at the same time, the freedom to be mobile and still be there to comfort their newborn. So in a nutshell Rosebud needs the following in order of importance:

1.  Diaper Bags – here  and here

2.  Nursing Pads –here  and here

3.  Nursing Covers – here, here , here and here  

4.  Moby type wraps  –here

5.  Nursing Pillows – here

And there are many more patterns here. Share your pattern or easier ways to make the item with us on the blog . Simple, functional and your own creativity is all that is needed.

Although Michelle is well stocked right now with baby items they won’t last forever if the birth rate continues at 10-15 babies a month.  Most of us have much more storage space than the Rez so if you see goods on sale in retail stores or thrift shops put them aside, if you have the space, they will be needed.  Also save those scraps for small projects like bibs, nursing pads and quilts.  So if these items are something you like to sew,  join with us this month in sewing for the women of Rosebud. Items made for this project can be sent to Michelle here.

Photos -nursing pads and bag by Sherill, pink diaper bag by Kristy, blue diaper bag by Beulah, nursing cover by Poppy, “moby style” wrap and nursing pillow by Carol and a photo of the Rosebud Team

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Next project will be introduced in a few days. Thanks from Sew For Kids.


One thought on “November Projects #1

  1. So wonderful! What a great project to get to be a part of and so excited to watch the outreach grow!!! Thanks for all you do Sew For Kids!!! You are an amazing group!

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