Donation item of the week

Although our main focus here at SFK is sewing and crafting for the Rez, we still haven’t figured out a way to make a toothbrush or knit underwear (we’ll let you know if we do), so for now we’ll just have to accept our limitations and admit defeat. But, (hopefully) we’ve figured out a way to get some of these non-craftables to the Rez programs that need them, “Donation Item of the Week”.  As you’re reading this look to your right and you’ll notice a yellow box.  Every week a special need/s will be listed there, click ” info” and you’ll be directed to a page that gives more details about the item, the program that needs it and where it can be purchased on line.  We’ll try our best to find the lowest prices with free or reduced shipping costs, if you find a better deal let us know.

If you want to help but don’t have the time or desire to shop you can send a monetary donation to Sew For Kids (alert us here or on Facebook) through Hearts of the Sacred Spirit website.  We are a special program under Hearts of the Sacred Spirit, a 501c3 non profit organization, all your donations monetary or material are tax deductible. For those of you who regularly send boxes to the Rez, check the “item of the week” and see if maybe you could squeeze in one more thing.

Our first request is for coffee, tea, instant hot chocolate that uses water, and old fashioned popcorn, you know the kind we used before the invention of the microwave. These refreshments will be used by the Shining Start program for their immunization clinics and health and education programs held at the college.  They want to provide a relaxed and fun atmosphere for families, what could be more relaxing than walking into the aroma of popcorn and brewing coffee?  Native Americans LOVE coffee, many laugh and say they got their skin color from drinking so much of it.  They could also use coffee mugs so they can eliminate the cost of buying disposable cups every session.

Flu season is just around the corner so they’re trying to encourage people to come in for their shots.  Families will also learn flu and cold prevention, home care if they get ill and when to seek medical attention if they’re not improving. Influenza can be a serious illness for anyone but especially for the elders, children under 2, pregnant mothers and those whose health is compromised by other illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease and lung disease. Native Americans tend to have a higher rate of complications from the illness.

It is very common to find a range of ages living in a Rez household. Babies can be vaccinated starting at 6 months, and although elders don’t get as much protection from the shot because immune systems weaken as we age, they still should receive the vaccine. Their main protection comes from people around them being protected (herd immunity) so it’s important that everyone in the household be vaccinated. Pregnant women should be vaccinated starting in the first trimester. Those with a chronic illnesses should be as well. Breastfed babies get immunity from their mothers, if they’ve been vaccinated. This is another reason for women to breastfeed, protecting their infants from childhood diseases that could kill them before they’re old enough for immunizations.

So please take a look at our weekly needs, donate when you can and be sure to get YOUR flu shot.  We want and need you healthy this winter season, besides wouldn’t you rather be sewing?


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