Pajama Party Anyone?

Since relatively few kids on the Rez own pajamas we want to extend our usual sizes from 0-10 for this project. I’m going to concentrate on ages 2-10 for sewing PJs as the smaller babies can be outfitted with sleepers from the thrift store or local garage sales, they’re usually in like new condition as they’re outgrown so fast and usually cost around 50 cents or a dollar at most.  If you want to sew for small babies the most economical item to make is a simple nightgown with elastic at the bottom opening for quick and easy changing.  See here and here.  Pjs can be made of flannel, fleece, or cotton knit. Sweatsuits also make warm PJs.

Many store bought PJ’s have fire retardants added to the fabric but current studies have shown it doesn’t give as much protection as previously thought and exposes children to potentially harmful chemicals. Changes are coming re adding flame retardants to children’s clothes. One way the industry has dealt with parent’s concerns is to make the clothing fit more snug rather than using the retardants. Since we don’t have a child to measure, Rez children tend to be a bit chubbier than average due to a high carb diet, we’ll just use the patterns as printed. To compensate for the larger sizes of a ten year old, a size 12 or 14 would work better. A general size chart is here to check for waist and chest measurements or use the recommended sizes on the pattern package.  If you have your pattern you’re all set if not check the links below for ideas and free patterns.

You can make the bottoms and add a long sleeved cotton top, purchased new or at a thrift store, and you have made a simple pair of PJs. Remember to add the size inside your pants and tops.
Repurposing Idea

Make as many PJ’s and slippers as you can. Let us know the sizes you make or purchase.

Here is the  breakdown. We have 10 babies born per month on Rosebud and also 10 on Pine Ridge( Wanblee and surrounding areas), so sizes 0-6 months are needed for these layette programs. There are 20- 3/4 years old and 20 -4/5 years old in Head Start. The Baby Face program (early Head Start) sees kids 2 weeks to 3 years. And at the Shining Start education and health sessions parents of children 0-5/6 years show up.The Closet accepts clothing for children 6 years and up.

Look at this cool kid who’s making a difference in her community by making PJs .  Maybe you know of an organization who would like to help.

For all you knitters and crocheters, the kids would love to have a new pair of slippers to go with their new PJ’s, sewers can join in too and make fleece slippers.  So come on everyone let’s get those machines humming and needles clicking and make these kids all warm and snug.  There’s nothing like a new pair of jammies!  Mail your finished PJ’s and slippers here using the size you made to determine where the Pjs should go.

Photos will soon be posted. Share your photos as well. We love to see the ideas you all come up with. Thanks from Sew For Kids.


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