New Additions to the Sew For Kids Team

Making  items for children in need is definitely one of my passions but when it comes to trying on items I never have a volunteer model near at hand as so many of the sewing blogs do, especially one to represent the young ones we are currently focusing on, the babies in the prenatal programs on Pine Ridge and Rosebud Reservations. This weekend, however, my friend Virginia came to my rescue. Stored in her toy box at home were 2 baby dolls age 3 months and 6 months size, rarely being being played with by her 2 young sons. She was willing to loan them to me for the project. The new additions will be an asset to the site and to my sewing projects, thanks to Virginia.

Babies do come in all shapes and sizes at the same age but it still helps to have a model to gauge how things will fit on an average size child. You can look up the size tables such as this one and this one but you will see that even in the size tables from sewing patterns or clothing store tables there is variability. And when I shop for items at the thrift stores for the kids, the sizing varies from one brand to another making it difficult to gauge if something will fit. Read this article about typical growth heights and weights for the first year of life. With the help of all of you sending  seasonal clothes in multiple sizes and brands, the Rez folks should be able to find items that will fit the various children we are helping through our current programs.

Please join me in welcoming our new Sew For Kids additions, models Joy, age 3 months and Sam, age 6 months. You will be seeing them often as I make items for the projects.

Check into the blog over the next few days to see our models in action and learn how I made the sleep sacks that the nurse will use to teach SIDS awareness and ways to lessen the chances of an infant becoming a statistic. I do know that sleeping in a toy box is not one of those ways!

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