Bags, Bags and More Bags

are on their way to the Rez tomorrow!  Some of our group members are putting together “samples” of the bags for viewing by community leaders involved in this project.  We await their input for any additions or changes.  We will only send items that are wanted/needed as these days everyone’s finances are tight and we don’t want to waste anyone’s resources.  Sample bags we’re sending are:

  • Basic newborn diaper bag and contents for babies 0-3 months
  • Baby/child toiletry bag
  • Mom’s toiletry hospital  bag
  • Dad’s toiletry bag
  • Breastfeeding bag
  • Mealtime bag
  • Cloth diapering bag
  • First-aid bag
  • SIDs education bag
  • Developmental/literacy/activity bags for various ages

Each of the above bags will be discussed in future blogs with today’s bag being the Basic Newborn Diaper Bag.  Fellow group member Beulahmae has made 12 diaper bags for the program which will give us a good start.  Currently each diaper bag will contain:

  • changing pad
  • Blanket/afghan/quilt 36” x48”
  • Receiving blankets (2) 32”-36”( single layer for summer, double layer or fleece for winter)
  • Burp cloths (2)
  • Bibs (2) newborn or small
  • Sleepsack (2) (lightweight cotton or flannel for summer; quilted fleece or 2 layers of flannel for winter)
  • Towel/hooded towel
  • Washcloths (2+) baby/toddler/child size
  • Socks (2) pair
  • Pacifiers (2) newborn size with small bag (makes them easier to find in the diaper bag and keeps them clean)
  • Diaper wipes and  case;  disposable or homemade wipes (from flannel scraps, etc.) with small carrying case and small wet bag for soiled wipes.
  • plastic container to hold 2 cups of diaper solution ( recipe included)
  • Disposable diapers, Size 1 (for use until the cord falls off)
  • Sibling bag after the arrival of the new baby (will use one of the literacy bags)
  • Clothing, seasonally appropriate. See  Current Needs list under the Make a Difference tab on the Sew For Kids blog site.

Clothing would be items like onsies/front snapped T shirts, sleepers, hats, mittens, pants and shirt outfits, and coats/sweaters for warmth. Patterns for many of these items can be found on our Pattern page under the Make a Difference tab.  Items can be purchased new, be gently used or home sewn from new or repurposed clothing/fabric.  Please read our donation guidelines before sending any donations.

You can donate the bag/s, some or all of the contents or a completed bag/unit.  Bags will be completed on the rez with items received by various donors so any donation is appreciated.   This is a great project to work on with friends and help share the cost of a bag. If you want to help but prefer a monetary donation go  to Hearts of the Sacred Spirit website, look under Special programs, click on Sew For Kids, scroll down to the “donate” button.  Using this button  ensures your donation will go directly to our program.   Hearts of the Sacred Spirit is a 501(c) (3) not for profit charity, all monetary and material donations are tax deductible as permitted by law, and that includes donations to SFK.   We encourage you to look at the “Hearts” site and read about all the programs they have which help  families on the rez with food, heating and other basic needs.  SFK supports all these programs and will be working together with them on some of these projects.

Please send an email  to me with a list of your donations.  We like to keep our  spreadsheet updated so we can see what items are still needed. We filled a spreadsheet for 2011 but have started a new one for this year’s donations.

Share your photos, hints, tips, ideas, criticism with us.  If you’re a mom or caregiver tell us what you could/couldn’t live without or wish you had had with your children.  Join us on our new  Sew For Kids yahoo group to share ideas, sales, expertise, patterns and camaraderie.  Hope to see you there and thanks from Sew For Kids.

Photos of the completed Diaper Bag  

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