Sew For Kids Up and Running Again with a New Affiliation

I apologize to everyone for not posting in the past weeks, I took a month off to visit my kids and grandkids on the West Coast and to stay with my mother-in-law so my sister-in-law could take a 2 week break. Family is important!

Have also been busy working out details with the Rez about the programs we plan to help with this year. But the most exciting development is that Sew For Kids is now working under and alongside “Hearts of the Sacred Spirit”.  This was an easy decision to make as it’s a wonderful opportunity for us to work with an organization that is already doing great things on the Rez and more people working together makes a bigger impact.  We will be working as partners and contributors to the organization’s many programs.

As you know our main focus is helping children ages 0-12 with clothing and other essentials using our various sewing and crafting talents.  We also provide other necessities that can’t be sewn or crafted such as school supplies, toiletries, etc.  We send most of our items to organizations that focus on education, health and the general well being of children such as clinics, schools, and youth centers.

Providing clothing to children is important for sure but much more is needed to grow healthy children. Access to nutritious food, adequate housing, heat, running water, electricity, school supplies, recreational activities are all critical elements for a child to grow up happy and healthy. Often overlooked but just as important are fun activities which are so needed to help lighten the heavy load these kids carry around everyday and helps alleviate feelings of depression, anxiety and hopelessness.

Hearts of the Sacred Spirit offers programs do all this. Their main programs are food, community gardens, heat, and warm blankets. A recreational center has been planned for an area in Oglala and other areas in the future if funding is available. Their special programs are providing filled school bags, holiday and year long toy collection and now our program Sew For Kids. We hope to help more people now with our mutual collaboration and with the help of our Lakota friends identifying where they need our assistance.

We are thrilled about this new connection and hope that you will join in and help us make life a little better for the children of Pine Ridge. Thanks to everyone at Hearts of the Sacred Spirit for our warm welcome.  Now time to get back to work at my sewing machine!  Please check out our next blog for more information about our new projects.


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