A Thank you from the Rez

Two more days and I head off for our holiday to visit my kids, grandkids and in-laws. When I think of all the things I still need to do I wonder why I am writing the blog. But so be it. I will be on the plane on Thursday, ready or not.

I made a quick stocking gift for my two grandsons who are 3 and 1. It is something I plan to make for the Rez to put into play bags or developmental skills bag ( “material” for a future blog)

As you all know I love scraps. I can not waste material that might still have some use. I found the perfect gift here. I was  going to make an I spy quilt but with my time constraints and discovering that my sister was sending quilts to the kids I changed my mind.
And this gift looked like something the grandkids would take an interest in and would lead to a discussion. And since they will stuck in the car on their way from Los Angeles to Berkeley CA, I thought it would entertain them in the car, well at least for a few minutes!

I followed the pattern directions on the site except that I added 2 other pictures to each side for a total of 8 panels instead of 6. For the book to close properly the book has to have an even not odd number of pages. All the dimensions stayed the same. If I added more pages then I might have to make a longer tab for the closure.
Thanks Bonnie for a cute blog. While you are on the fishsticks and sandfries blog also take a look at her patterns. I love the materials she uses to make items for her kids.
So here are samples of the books I made.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On another topic, today I received a note from the Rez  telling us about the Christmas party preparations. It will take place on the 21st. The food arrived from WI  today and another group from Illinois and Indiana provided funds to buy apples, bananas and oranges for the party – a real treat and a luxury for the kids.
We hope we will have photos to share with you after the holidays.

Marilyn, Eleanor’s daughter sent me a note that I wanted to share with you so you know that your time, skills and gifts were welcomed.

“We are are looking for someone to do the picture  part of the party……as we are all designated to do something, so wish us luck there. Thank you so much for the Santa suit, it is totally awesome and beautiful. You all did a great job with it. We like it a lot. We did get the books. We did a lot of organizing and wrapping of gifts we bought over the weeks. Thank you all for the many gifts for all of our children, all the bags are going to be so handy for the children in the future, the toiletries bags turned out good, I had fun putting them together. The diapers we put them in bags of 18 and they are also good diapers, we are fixing the car seat up as a layette, putting all the baby items in it to give to the newest baby. We are getting geared up for our big day. We will have our party on Wednesday, it has to be that day, Mom and the rest of my family are leaving for Minnesota for Christmas. We did get a tree put up, now we are going to put some lights up on the outside of the building because its so dark out. I will take as many pictures as we can and send them in a photo CD. We are excited and happy about the big day which is only 2 days away. Wow, its almost here Carol. Lots of hard work, and its going to be so so nice of a celebration. Yes its so true, such sad days here on the rez, there is a funeral just about every weekend. Most recently a young girl who is only 15, had a baby without any of her family knowing about it, the baby lived only an hour. Wow, but our focus is to remain on the positive side. Things happen for a reason, the lessons involved. We are going to take the books to the school, some to the learning center. Thank you so much, also I see one box marked for the field health nurse, I will do my best to get them to her but I’m sure in the next couple of days I won’t be able to, maybe by Friday I will. Thank you all, you and all Santa’s elves, there are no words to describe how much we appreciate your caring ways toward our community. Wopila tanka…….Big Thank You!!! Talk to you again.”


Happy Holidays to all of you from Sew For Kids !


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