Christmas Project Finale

I just sent off my boxes a few days ago filled with Christmas gifts for the kids in Wanblee. I even met a friend of mine at Fedex mailing off her gifts to the Rez as well. That night my husband heaved a sigh of relief as he sat down on his favorite sofa spot, free of toys at last !

I still have several boxes of books to send this week. Most of the kids will receive one. My kids loved books and so will these children if they are exposed to them. Each child will get to choose what appeals to him or her. And with school not in session for a few weeks for winter vacation, reading a book or being read to will be something constructive for them to do. The books can also be exchanged with friends and family members once read allowing them to read more than one.

I thought I would mention a few gifts I made at the last moment, two bags having to do with keeping clean. I made one for a toddler/older infant and one for a tween. They were simple to make but useful.

For the baby bag I made a drawstring bag and added the following contents:a baby towel ( see this and this blog) 3 washcloths made from scraps of terry cloth and a knit, baby wash used as shampoo and soap, some toys for the tub and a bedtime story. Kids love their time in the tub where they can splash, swim, pour, play with water toys that float or squirt etc. It also is a time for them to relax before they head off to bed with a bedtime story. The bag is not expensive to make $4-$5.

For the tween, I also made a drawstring bag , added a bath towel ,a washcloth, a travel size soap, conditioner and shampoo, a brush with a mirror on the back and a few hair elastics stored in the handle, and toothpaste, a toothbrush and floss. This bag can be made for either sex. Since most of this was on sale or were samples, the bag cost $4-$5 as well. We all know that as we approached our tween years, how we looked to others started to matter. Feeling good about oneself builds self confidence and self esteem, so needed in this population of kids.

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Seems like many parcels are arriving on the Rez and the food has all been arranged for the party thanks to Worldwide Hunger Relief. On the menu will be ham, mashed potatoes, vegetables, cookies and  drinks. And their organization will make up bologna sandwiches for them to take home so they will have food for the next day. Karl Ralian, director of this organization is a great advocate for the people and has some great friends he can call upon when needs arise.

All the bags we highlighted in this blog were made and filled for the kids thanks to Cynthia Klocke coordinating the efforts in our groups.

The teens and other community members are going to help with decorating the tree, the Santa Claus parade around the town, serving food to all and playing games with the little ones.

The Santa Claus outfit is finished and on its way. Many thanks to Janet for making the suit and to her sister -in-law Ruth who made it possible with her monetary donation. Look at Janet’s album and her slideshow to see the suit modeled by her husband Dave ( thanks Dave) as well as the other goodies she sent for the kids. She made all the bracelets .They are quite impressive!

Again thanks to all of you who have helped make Christmas special for the Wanblee kids. We certainly hope we can share photos of the party with you in the future.

Now all of our little elves, it’s time to take a rest and spend time with your loved ones. Have a happy, healthy and safe holiday season. HO HO HO!!


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