Make a Memory Game

Memory games are easy, fast and cheap to make, are educational and are just plain fun to play. These games help children with word recognition, help them learn colors and letters and improves their memory and concentration skills. See this link. There are many types of memory games on the market but you can easily make your own. Check out this site for making cards with paper or this site for ones to sew.

A memory game is simply two sets of identical cards containing various colors, shapes, etc. It is usually played with 2-4 players, cards are shuffled, placed face down. The first player turns over two cards, if there’s a match they win the pair and get another turn. If no match, the cards are left in place, turned face down again and the next player takes his turn turning over two cards. Remembering the position and what the card’s picture was is where the “memory” skill comes in, the player with the most matched pairs wins. I made 4 memory games geared to younger children and used pictures, colors and shapes made from scraps in my stash. A simple muslin bag holds the game and I also attached a laminated card with game rules to the drawstring.

Games are great skill builders, they get people socializing together, teach sportsmanship and at the same time are fun. Kids on the Rez have few games to play so there’s always a need for ones that appeal to all ages. Our goal is to keep kids busy learning and having fun together with their family and friends.

If you make, or have an idea, for a game that would be appropriate for the kids please share it with us here at SFK.  We would also love to hear what games your kids like to play so we can make a list here for those that would rather  purchase a game for the kids.
Please send your games or other Christmas gifts here. Thanks from SFK for all your help!

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One thought on “Make a Memory Game

  1. I love this idea. I used to make games for the grandkids. Now I’m thinking I will get them to help me make games for the kids. Card stock and stickers make a simple game. Hmmmmm…….Christmas 2012 may include lots of these.

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