Mealtime Gift Bag

Today’s idea is a mealtime gift bag containing among other items a bib to help keep children’s clothes clean while they eat. On the Rez having few clothes to wear, lack of easy access to a washer or the money to go to a laundromat, keeping a child (or the rest of the family) as clean as possible is a necessity. Babies are started on softer foods around  6 months of age to get them used to the foods they’ll eventually eat, although in reality they could exist on formula or breast milk until a year old with the addition of some basic vitamins. See articles here, here, and here on when and how to introduce solid food. For those of you who have raised kids you know the dinner table is quite a site in those early years. Babies not only taste their food, but play in it as well, as they explore their environment.  A lot of food ends up on their clothes, the floor and their highchair, what a mess!

Today’s project is a bib for a toddler or older child.  At a certain age children start to refuse wearing a bib because it’s too “babyish” so I used this tutorial and this tutorial to make one from a hand towel that looks a little more “grown up” and is also easy to put on,keep on and remove.   The bib in the first link  has the back sewn to the front forming a sleeve opening.  The front can also be sewn up a few inches to form a collection area for dropped food, or just leave the length as it is which helps cover the child’s lap.  I attached snaps to my bib instead of sewing which makes it easier to get on and gives options for length.  If you don’t have a hand towel use any toweling, finish by lining, serging, zigzagging, or applying binding to the edges.  Appliques can be added although at this age they’ll probably be obscured by all the mess, young kids design their bibs with their own “food art”.

Each child would need several bibs to change in or another option is to buy a plastic (BPA free of course) one that could be wiped clean. Look at this site for other ideas for making bibs as gifts. In addition to the bib I added a purchased a sippy cup, spoon/fork and a covered dish to the gift bag, total cost around $5. Put together a mealtime bag for the Rez or just make a bib, whatever time and resources you have will be greatly appreciated.  Please send your gift items to the High Horses here. Thanks from SFK for all your help!

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