Be Creative. Design a Gift for a Child.

This week’s plan was to make a toy that could be carried in it’s own bag, was fun to play with and of course inexpensive. With the number of kids we want to help (around 500) it’s obvious we’ll have to make some of the gifts as buying them is more than our small group can afford to do.   We want to focus on hand crafted gifts /toys that gives us an outlet for our creativity and at the same time inspires creativity and provides fun and new learning opportunities for the children that receive them.   Young children are exploring the world, love challenges and exposure to new ideas so we want to develop bags that encourage them further.We’re also making warm hats, mitten and scarves for the kids.

So keeping all this in mind I came up with the idea of a “playdough” bag.  The bag is a simple muslin bag that I added the following to:

3-4 cans of playdough
1 plastic knife for cutting shapes (we all have these laying around)
5  cookie cutters of various shapes  (check resale shops)
1 piece of doweling  ½ inch in diameter x 8” for rolling pin
1 piece of durable vinyl 18 inches x 18 inches  for protective mat
1 playdough  sieve (found at recycle store)
1 recipe for making homemade playdough (attached to bag drawstring)

Total cost of bag and contents around $2.50 and will provide a child with hours of fun. Was able to make 4 bags and fill them with what I already had in my stash but plan to make a few more .  Maybe you have some of these items lying around your house, why not destash a little and provide a great gift to a child on the Rez.
Please send your gifts here. Thanks from SFK for all your help!

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