School and Fall Days Bring Needs and Changes

School started a few weeks ago on the Rez.  Our weather has been slowly changing, the feeling of Fall is in the air with cooler morning and evening temps. Winter is just around the corner which means Sew For Kids is changing the type of clothing we make for the children.  They will need warmer items to help insulate them against the cold, harsh winter ahead.   Warm clothing, hats, mittens, etc are critical to kids on the Rez, most live in poorly insulated, overcrowded homes with parents that struggle to pay their utility bills.  Many homes have a wide variety of ages due to the housing shortage on the Rez with the young and elderly and those who are ill being the most vulnerable to the colder weather.  Most will go without heat for some of the winter as families can’t afford the propane that most homes use.  Some will resort to heating with the cooking stove using the oven and burners for warmth.

Over the next few weeks we will be discussing warm things to make for the children (ages 0-10) to help see them through the winter. Although our organization has a focus on sewing we also welcome other crafters.  This is the time of year those that knit, crochet, weave, etc. can take center stage and help us make all those wonderful hats, mittens, scarves, slippers, and blankets. Together as a team we can accomplish a lot with the sewing crew making warm pants, shirts, jackets, mittens, quilts, warm PJs etc. while others can get their hooks and knitting needles busy. Join in the fun and get started on a project today! Underwear, socks, shoes and boots are a high need on the Rez so if space allows consider adding one or more of these items in your box.

Sew For Kids has a google group, an email address and a comment section on each blog entry where you can ask any questions you might have.. If you want to join other groups that help the Rez and our project  there are links on our site to these organizations , they welcome new members. Groups are a fun outlet for talking to others about sewing and crafting, sharing ideas and patterns, and forming friendships with people across the country that are working together to help make a difference.  Please share your photos with us so we can add them to our Facebook page or the  Sew For Kids site .  When you send something to the Rez please send a list to us so we can keep our spreadsheet  updated.

On another note many students still do not have school supplies, this is an ongoing need throughout the school year.  For those of you who can do so please include some of these items from the list below in your box.  Supplies will be used at Crazy Horse school as well as the after school  program held at the community center where children can receive help with homework  or be read to for the younger ages.

School Supplies:

Pens and pencils
Crayons and markers
Notebook paper (wide lined) looseleaf and spiral bound
Plain paper
Construction paper
Glue – sticks and bottled
Alcohol gel (GermEx, etc.)
Safety scissors

Items should be sent here. Thanks from Sew For Kids


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