Another Idea for the Christmas Project- a Quillow

I am traveling and visiting the grandkids so don’t have much opportunity to sew mainly due to time constraints so instead will knit some baby things and search internet sites for ideas for the blog.  Was in the midst of making a quillow before leaving home, which is basically a quilt with a pocket sewn on that holds the quilt when folded.  Theresa said the kids on the rez would love one of these.  I can think of several advantages of this project, the blanket would provide warmth on a cold fall or winter day, (stick cold feet into the pocket), could be used as a pillow (most Rez kids don’t have one), and it’s portable when tossed in a bag or could add straps to the pocket so it could be slung over the shoulder.  Toiletries, pj’s, books, a teddy bear or other items can be carried in the pocket for a night away from home.  Finally this project could provide comfort to a child in distress by serving as their special security blanket.

Upon my arrival in Los Angeles I noticed each of my grandkids had received a quillow which were gifts from my sister. Their quillows are made of two pieces of flannel with lightweight batting in the center and a lined pocket sewn to the top center of one side with the opening of the pocket facing the quilt. The construction process is pretty simple. Sandwich the flannel right sides together with the batting on top of one of the sides, stitch 1/2 inch from the edges leaving a space to turn your work.  Turn right side out, slip stitch the opening closed and top stitch 1/4 inch from the edges.  Tie or machine quilt to help hold the layers together.  My sister traced various sizes of hearts on the quilt and then machine quilted around the shapes.  Their quilts were made from flannel but can just as well be made from cotton or fleece.  These sites provide more information on making a quillow: here, here here and here. Check out this video as well as this one.

Search the web for lots of other ideas, this is an easy and fun project to make and would be perfect as a Christmas gift for the children of Wanblee.


2 thoughts on “Another Idea for the Christmas Project- a Quillow

  1. WOW, I had to watch the video to understand the concept, but that is a great thing for gift giving! I’m going to try to figure one out. thanks

  2. They are very easy Diane once you get the hang of them. You can also just use a piece of fleece and add the pocket and then fold as directed in the video.
    The blankets have become favorites to take to bed with my grandkids.

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