Homemade Diaper Wipes and Solutions – a cost saver

I spent the weekend cleaning my sewing room and in the process found several pieces of soft, absorbent fabric to make into homemade diaper wipes . Many of the young moms in this area are using them, my daughter uses them as well.  She has one child who’s very sensitive to the chemicals in commercial wipes (gotta love the sensitive skin of those red heads of which
she has 2).  It’s also a cost saver – any savings helps when living on the tight budget of a medical student.

Finding ways to cut costs is one of the things Sew For Kids is trying to do to help moms on the Rez.  Money is better spent on food or other necessities rather than diaper wipes which can be easily and cheaply made and adds less waste to the landfill.  Back in the day of cloth diapers washcloths were used for wipes and still could be but many households on the Rez either don’t have any or don’t have enough for a growing baby.  I use more than one of the commercial wipes when changing my grandson especially if the diaper is soiled and will need to use even more as he grows, the bigger the baby the bigger the poop!  This is an excellent repurposing project for  old t-shirts, towels and worn receiving blankets. So gather your scraps of fabric and old t-shirts and lets make some wipes.

To make them cut two pieces of fabric (soft and absorbent) the same size, place them wrong sides together and serge or zigzag around the outer edges.  You can’t get easier than that.  If you make your wipes 8×8 or 4×8 they will fit in a commercial wipes container. I made various sizes based on the size of my scraps .  You can also use an old VHS tape case for clean or soiled  wipes to use on the go or sew a wet bag  like the one here.  I made a waterproof one  one using an old vinyl raincoat for the lining and made french seams so nothing icky comes in contact with the seams.  Old shower curtains or tablecloths would be good  for your waterproof liner too.  A simple plastic container with tight fitting lid can also be used for your wipes making sure to label the one used for dirty ones. I also made some small cloth bags and inserted a plastic bag  to store the dirty wipes in the diaper bag as another option.  The ideal solution would be to use disposable wipes when away and cloth ones at home but that may not be an option on the Rez.

Cloth wipes are easily stored at home on a shelf  or in an old wipes container, then after use, thrown in a diaper pail (if using cloth diapers) or other covered container. You can also wet the wipes and store them in a plastic  container. I made some small cloth bags  to store the clean diaper wipes in the diaper bag.   I also bought a small squirt bottle that can be filled with the solution and thrown  in the diaper bag.

The wipes are easily washed by hand and line dried if a washer/dryer isn’t available.  And they are easy to use- wet wipe with plain water or use one of these homemade solutions  here and here. See the videos here   here and here,   . With each wipe package I will enclose information on how to make and use the solutions.

With the current economy everyone needs ways to save some money.  Cost shouldn’t be the only concern though, wipes along with their containers eventually end up in our already bulging landfills.  If you are a cloth diapering mom share your ideas with Sew For Kids, we need your expertise!


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