Hooded Towels Revisited

In a previous post BJ blogged about making hooded towels and washcloths for babies. The baby towels were made from a square piece of terrycloth with a triangle hood added to one corner and the edges finished by various techniques.

I recently received a donation of several full size bath towels in excellent condition so decided older children can benefit from a hooded towel as well.  Houses on the Rez are poorly heated and insulated so one of these towels would be useful to bundle up a child fresh from their bath and the hood would prevent heat loss from their wet heads.  Checked my stash and found several hand towels and some pieces of terry cloth that could be used for the hoods.  Found two sites on the web that make use of ready-made towels.  This one is from the Prudent Baby site.
I just followed the directions on the site and used a bath and hand towel.  The directions were easy to follow and made up quickly, the hood was lined.   The second one is from Crafty Gemini using the directions in this video:    This was my favorite one,  it took the least amount of time, allowed me to make various size hoods and even used up some of those scraps I keep harping about.   Scraps that didn’t have a selvege were serged along the edges then zigzagged onto the towel for a nice finish.  Changed the binding along the front of the hood as I’m not that good at sewing on pre-made bias tape.  Took a 2 inch piece of fabric folded in half, sewed it to the wrong side of the hood raw edges together, then folded it to the front and stitched to the towel front along the fold and along the length of the hood.

This is a quick and easy project, can be completed in 30 minutes and is quite inexpensive if you get towels donated or buy them on sale or at thrifts.  These are some other sites with great ideas I might try next time here, here and here.

If you want to get creative look at these sites here, here, and here.

So gather some bath towels and scraps and make one of these for that special child in your life and one for a child on the Rez.  Share your photos and ideas with us.


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