My Sewing Room

It’s been hot….. AGAIN!!  In fact the second hottest July on record for this area and I’ve been sewing up a storm but the time has come to clean my sewing room before I lose it!  I hate to give up sewing time to clean my area (or do any kind of cleaning for that matter), but when you’ve lost your sewing table and cutting mat to clutter it’s time to dive in and rectify the situation. I think my husband would agree as well but he’s not one to complain as his office could stand an overhaul as well.
I haven’t had my sewing room very long, it’s a recently “remodeled” room in the basement born out of necessity because of the mess I made of the entire house. I hated putting away all the projects I was working on just so someone could eat on the table!  The room has had many previous “lives”,  a work room for my husband , a play room for the kids when they were small, a bedroom for one of our teenagers who wanted to be as far away from his parents as possible and as an office.  The basement is finished so it didn’t take a lot of work to make this into an ideal sewing space.  My husband has his office upstairs and I’m retired and no longer need one so I claimed this space for me and all my creative endeavors.
The room has a long sewing table that accommodates all my machines, plenty of storage space for fabric and notions, and a cutting table made from a piece of plywood topped with a cutting mat placed on top of a desk I bought in my college years for $25.  I’ve decided I have a small problem, (all right it’s a major problem), saving scraps of fabric that most of you would throw in the trash.  I have visions of those scraps taking shape in one project or another and just can’t quite bear to throw them out.  I’m also having major problems turning away from any fabric that is a good price that could turn into a cute dress, a pair shorts, etc…. etc… I have more projects than I have time, what is needed here is to get rid of some of those pesky household duties!

So getting my new room organized was the first order of business and the first step was to dump everything on the floor that didn’t have a home like all the stuff that had been boxed or bagged and was sitting piled up in the corner.  (Sorry folks no pics until this mess is cleaned up!) A decision would have to be made for each item, trash or treasure.  I found several small pieces of fleece that were cut into mittens and shapes for baby toys, several pieces of terry cloth, scraps of fabric saved for quilt squares, pieces of T-shirts and sweatshirts (stained but usable) for diaper covers, bibs, baby hats, etc.  Also found some polyester scraps to make a bed covering for the clementine orange boxes I’m using to make doll beds for the Christmas project.  Found a space to keep all the recyclables I plan to use for crafts for the Rez and some boxes of books that have to be sorted and sent to the Rez.

By the end of the week I hope to have a space that I’ll be proud to show you and a whole array of projects that need to be finished.  I’ll be going on vacation in a few weeks to visit kids and grandkids so hope to go on a sewing marathon in the next few days.  After finishing this new sewing space I’ve sworn to myself to keep it neat at all times and put everything in it’s place at the end of the day.  After further debate with myself I’ve decided that isn’t necessary, why have a sewing room in the basement away from prying eyes if you have to keep it clean all the time.  Isn’t that why it’s in the basement?

Love to see photos of your sewing space and your solutions for keeping it in order. Share them  with us on the comment section of the blog. Thanks from Sew For Kids.


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