What Have I Been Making?

I’ve been busy this week with the usual but was put on notice from the Rez they are in need of newborn and 0/3 month baby clothing, diaper bags and contents.  So I’ve been in the basement a good deal of my spare time sewing.  I could always run over to the thrift store or try and locate some garage sales for items but since I have a large stash of fabric will sew instead.  Can’t always find what I want or at a price I can afford so sewing is a wonderful option.  A yard of fabric goes a long way when making clothing for infants.  People are starting to donate fabric for the cause so that keeps the costs down for me, all I have to add is a little time at the sewing machine and money for shipping.

Keeping the shelves stocked for young babies is always an issue on the Rez.  Parents will ask around to see if anyone might have a few baby items to spare but  those folks didn’t have a lot to begin with and much of what they do have isn’t in very good condition.  So I hope to help this situation a little by sewing what I can.  Besides, it’s too hot outside unless you get out really early in the morning or later in the evening.  The garden mid-day is wilting so am assuming I would do the same if I ventured out in that heat!

I’ve been playing around with various sizes of diaper bags.  A bag for the first 6 months needs to be larger to carry all the stuff an infant and new mother needs – like outfits, burp pads, changing pad, receiving and warm blankets, pacifiers, diapers, – you get the picture, they need lots of stuff.

A smaller bag could be used for short trips or for an older baby or toddler.
Summers can be brutally hot on the Rez so I made some newborn undershirts and diaper covers out of a lightweight cotton knit. The pattern I used is designed by BJ, one of our members, and can be put together in no time. These shirts are really nice for infants because babies don’t like things pulled over their heads.  If you don’t have a snap machine ($15 plus snaps) replace them with ties made from twill tape or choose a pattern that slips over the head.  Lots of patterns to choose from, watch for pattern sales at JoAnn’s or check out our pattern page.
The diaper cover (for disposables) is made from a “Sew Little” pattern and can be made in  30 minutes or less, inserting elastic takes the most time.  I get an assembly line going by doing all the cutting first, then all the serging and finally inserting elastic and finishing details.  Use either cotton knits or  cotton woven fabric for the covers.

I also made a few nightgowns from a pattern I received from  Bonnie at fishsticksandfries.com . Bonnie, the designer looked at our site and sent me some free patterns and also included some cotton knit fabric in her package. Thanks Bonnie for supporting the kids and the project!  Please check out her site, her patterns are great!  I also used her layette pattern to make some tops and pants for cooler weather.

Finished more receiving blankets from my flannel stash, they’re good for swaddling infants and as a light cover for the cool summer evenings.  I’ve finished another 5 boppy nursing pillows and heard comments such as “Wow, you can make a boppy?” and “Do you know how much those cost in the store?” from the Rez.  That’s all the inspiration I need to get back down to the basement and rev up the machines.  So take a break from your yard work and join me indoors where it’s much cooler and help those kids on the Rez.

Thanks from everyone at Sew For Kids to those of you that are helping the cause.


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