The Gift Project -Week 9

I’ve fallen  behind schedule with the gift project ideas but am getting caught up a little with today’s project.  You’ve probably noticed in reading through my blogs there is a recurring theme of recycle, reuse, refashion, repurpose.  Our landfills are already bulging so try to do my part by reducing the waste I contribute to them.  I’m always on the lookout for excess packaging and sometimes will place an item back on the shelf if I feel it’s too much.  Today’s project uses an item found at the I.D.E.A. Store in our local community.   When I ran across this store I was excited not only for the environmental impact it makes, but also as a means to provide support for activities in our local schools.  The store keeps a list of items needed and if someone has something they no longer need, can donate it to the store and get a tax receipt too, how can you beat it?  As the saying goes “One man’s treasure is another man’s garbage”!

This store has been great for finding notions, fabric, school supplies, yarn, craft items, books, etc. all for much less than retail.  All these items are needed for the project in Wanblee – fabric, yarn and notions used to make the regalia for the Pow Wow and clothing for  kids and craft items and school supplies will help out at the activity center and at school.  While making my weekly round of the store I noticed old VHS cases laying in a bin priced at 10 for 25 cents.  The price was right and I started to imagine all the cool things they could hold, only planned on getting five but before I knew it 10 went home with me.

I made 3 cases -a sewing case, a pencil case and a math kit.

The math kit was made from a bright green case and had no writing on the outside so I didn’t  have to come up with a cover for it.  I added a protractor, paper, compass, calculator, eraser and a small ruler.  The other two cases needed covering so took some left over contact paper and covered both sides, added some letters I found for a label and made an elastic band to go around the outside for extra security. The sewing kit included scissors, pins, buttons, pin cushion, needles, needle threader, seam ripper, tape measure, various colors of thread, ruler, tailor’s chalk and a thimble.  The pencil case contained 3 pencils with sharpener and eraser,  3 pens, paper pad, glue, stapler and staples, and a small ruler. 

Future ideas for these old VHS cases are stationary box, first aid kit, puzzle/game piece storage, small travel kit, jewelry box, garden seeds box  etc………………

The big chain stores will soon have their “Back to School” sale and you can pick up school supplies  for next to nothing.  This is the best time to get supplies for the Rez, you won’t see these prices again until next year.  Most of the notions for the sewing kit could’ve been found at the  I.D.E.A. Store or your local thrift, but I chose to purchase most things new as it is a Christmas gift.  Hope this week’s idea has provided some inspiration in reusing and repurposing some items you might have laying around collecting dust or for stuff that at first glance seems utterly useless at your local resale shop or yard sale.  Help save Mother Earth and at the same time make a child happy.  Thanks from Sew For Kids.


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