Gift project- week 8

I’m late getting this blog out as we had company last week so had to put some things on the back burner.   This week’s project is easy and something that comes in handy at any time of year but with all the summer activities and picnics thought it would really be good to feature it now.
The project is a bag -a wet bag made from cotton and lined with a waterproof fabric – PUL, nylon, oilcloth or vinyl or a  dry snack bag using a food safe lining material such as cotton. I researched the use of the waterproof materials for a snack bag and came up with these as alternatives here and here . I decided for the time being I would make them out of organic cotton as in this product.

The wet bag can be made any size and used for diaper wipes, wet diapers, wet bathing suit etc. An unlined bag could be used to store small “matchbox” type cars, puzzle pieces, sewing notions, playing cards, pacifier, makeup ,party favor bags etc. I would suggest using some food themed fabric (cherries, hot peppers, apples, etc.) for snack bags so they don’t use them for other things. Bags are washable and because they can be used over and over again they are eco friendly.

To make a small waterproof  bag I used the following dimensions but make the size for what you plan to use it for. If I was making a snack bag I would use  2 layers made of cotton preferably organic for the lining. For a waterproof bag you also may prefer to use a zipper for certain items such as wet diapers.
7” x 14”  nylon lining
7”x 14” cotton material
a piece of velcro 6.5 inches long- that includes both the hook and loop pieces
two pieces of ribbon each 2” long

With lining and fabric right sides together  sew the 7 inch sides, turn right side out and press lightly. On the sewn ends, inside the bag I centered velcro strips and in the center of each 7” piece I put a folded piece of ribbon under the velcro (provides a handle for the kids to pull open the bag), sewed on the velcro, then sewed the outside sides with a straight seam then serged them to finish the edges. You could also sew a straight stitch seam and cover with bias tape or for a more finished look use a french seam. Check out this link.  Bags that do not need a waterproof lining or are not for snacking can be sewn  inside with  a regular straight  seam and zigzaged or serged to finish. (Particles of food will not get stuck in the seams if sewn on the outside, or seams are enclosed with a french seam or lined). For other tutorials on other ways these bags can be constructed check out this link and this link for reusable snack bags and this one for a wet bag .
Here are two lined bags of different sizes and with different outside and inside  finishes.

Just some ideas for a gift bag for someone -easy and quick to make. You can add a gift item inside as how you intended it to be used – a pacifier , diaper wipes etc These also would make great gifts for the moms and  the children whom we help on the Rez.

Have fun creating your bag(s)!


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