The Gift Project -Week 5

Time for the Christmas gift of the week. Another busy week in our household but I did find time to pull something together. Today’s gift revolves around a book and a teddy bear.  I remember as a small child one of my favorite books was “Corduroy” by Don Freeman.  It would be a great story to read to your child or grandchild and can also be seen on DVD.

The story begins with Corduroy, a little bear sitting on the shelf in the toy department of a big store wishing for someone to buy him and give him a home. A little girl sees him as she’s leaving the store and wants to buy him but her mother says she has no money left after shopping and
“Besides he doesn’t look new and he’s lost the button to one of his shoulder straps”.  Sadly for Corduroy they walk away leaving him on the shelf.

Corduroy decides he needs to remedy the situation so at night when the store is quiet he sets off to find himself a button in the furniture department.  He admires all the beautiful things there and wishes he could live in a place like this. Because of all the antics he goes through searching for the button, lots of noise is made which alerts the night watchman who promptly takes him back to the toy department and puts him back on the shelf.

The next morning the little girl returns having found enough money in her piggy bank to buy Corduroy, pays the saleslady and takes him back to her apartment. Corduroy is happy to finally have a home and to his surprise his own bed and a friend -a little girl who loves him unconditionally as he is. For his own comfort she sews a button on his green overalls.

On rereading the book I remember why I liked it so much. First it was about an animal (and I  love animals). Second it was about someone that was sad and made happy again because someone cared enough to help another in need. Last but most of all it was because I was happy and loved as a child and accepted for who I was and wanted others to have that same kind of life.

It makes me think about our Sew For Kids project and our dream of helping the children of Wanblee  have a better life by providing their basic needs and by supporting the community center where they can participate in activities that encourage learning, creativity, physical fitness and strong friendships. This we can do if we have people like you willing to donate basic needs such as clothing and shoes and educational items such as books, school supplies and activity items.  We can’t do anything about a child’s home life (a social service issue) but we can help our friends on the Rez enrich children’s lives by providing a safe and happy environment where children can go to be fed, participate in healthy activities and be accepted by members of the community unconditionally.

I had lots of fun working on this project, here’s what you need:

  • Teddy bear -given to me by a friend
  • Book – bought nearly new at a library sale
  • Pair of green pants with buttons which I made
  • Bed – I used a basket from a recycling organization and made the bedding

Maybe you have a favorite book from your childhood or a book your children/grandchildren enjoy reading.  Please consider sharing those memories with a child on the reservation by giving the gift of a book along with a toy representing a character from the book for Christmas this year.  Please help us make the holiday season a little brighter this year for the children of Wanblee.  As always thanks from Sew For Kids.


2 thoughts on “The Gift Project -Week 5

  1. Liked this blog about the Teddy bear. I have some teddy bears I could send, was collecting them at one time. Not getting played with up on my shelves. beulahmae

  2. Yes and if you can add a little outfit to the bear it will be a bigger hit.The kids love to dress and undress the animals or dolls at certain ages. And yes I know- bears do not normally wear clothes!

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