Easter Celebration A Success Despite Shortages

On Sunday afternoon, people gathered at the Kennedy Center for a meal and the Easter egg hunt. I talked with Jerome High Horse last night to see how the day went. He said, “Several children came. Since they had very few eggs the hunt was short -lived but fun.” Prizes, sent in by people who saw our post were given out to the game winners. Names were drawn for the childrens’ Easter baskets.”Since there were not enough baskets for all the children, this was the only fair way to distribute the baskets” he said. Despite the lack of gifts the kids had fun.They ended the day with a meal of soup, hot dogs, brats ,coffee and juice. He asked that I thank those who had contributed items to the celebration.

Next year we hope that we can at least provide a basket for each child. Since we have only been in operation for 2.5 months and since we had very little lead time for the event we were unable to do so. If you see Easter items on sale now and have some extra funds  please think of purchasing and putting them aside for next year’s celebration to make the day special for the children in Wanblee. We all know how our kids love the Easter bunny and their baskets!

The next big event for the community will be the Pow Wow- the third week in July. What is needed for the Pow Wow will be discussed in a future blog. One thing for sure is it will focus on making kids participants at the event rather than observers on the sidelines.

In the meantime we are continuing our efforts to stock the Infant-Toddler Closet with items that will help support the moms’ and the young childrens’ (0-5 years) needs and programs. Sew For Kids hopes that you can help us make this program a success. Follow the blogs to learn of the needs.

Have a nice day! Thanks to those of you who contributed to the Easter celebration.


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