The Gift Project -Week 2

Today I’ll be highlighting another gift I made for the Christmas party for the Wanblee children.  All kids love to color, even the very young ones, so thought a crayon roll would be a really fun project to make.

This isn’t my first attempt at a crayon roll.  I made this one for my grandson but the roll didn’t stay together and  I also wanted to add a pocket for paper.  My web search turned up this pattern which was just what I was looking for.  I decided to make a larger wallet for 4-6 years and a smaller one for 2-4.  I used acrylic felt but can see them being made with a double thickness of fabric or even lightweight denim.  The advantage of using felt is all the bright colors to choose from and no pesky raveling edges to deal with.  Followed the tutorial at the above blog with a few changes.  This is how I made mine:
For “wallet” ages  2-4 cut the following pieces from felt or fabric:
9 ½” x 12 ½ “for cover
3 ½” x 9 ½ ” to crayon pocket
5″ x 9 ½” for the paper pocket
30” piece of grosgrain ribbon
Large crayons

Attach ribbon per tutorial. Sew the crayon slot to one end of the larger piece of felt and the paper slot to the other end.  Sew seams 1” apart on the crayon end to make slots for the crayons. (I ended up with 8 slots.)  I reinforced these seams as they will get plenty of use and also pinked the edges of my felt piece.  Filled the wallet with crayons (larger ones for this age group) and cut paper 5 ½ “x 7 ½”.  Cost for this project is minimal, paid $1.59 for a yard of felt (will make many “wallets”), ribbon was in my stash, also had the paper on hand and the crayons were less than a dollar.

These are two  sizes of the crayon /paper wallet but made the larger size wallet with the same dimensions as the wallet for the 4-6 year old with smaller sized crayons and omitted the scissors and glue

“Wallet” for ages 4-6 cut felt :
10 ½” x 12 ½”  for cover
5 “x 10 ½ “for paper pocket
2 pieces 3 ½ “x 10 ½ ” for crayon and scissor pockets
36 “ piece of grosgrain ribbon
2 glue sticks
Safety scissors

Attach ribbon per tutorial.  For the paper pocket piece, I sewed one of the 3 ½ “ pieces on top of the 5″piece before it was sewn onto the wallet along the sides and bottom so this was now a one unit piece.  I wanted the top piece to store glue and a pair of scissors. I divided this top piece into a 6 ” unit to store the scissors and divided the remaining 4″ into two 2” slots to hold 2 glue sticks. Sewed the entire unit to one end of the wallet cover and then sewed the remaining 3 ½ “ piece to the other end and made 1 inch slots to store the crayons. (I ended up with 10 slots.) Loaded my wallet with paper 10″ x 5″, crayons, scissors (attached to the wallet with ribbon -sewing  one end of ribbon to the pocket and the other end  attached one half of the snap apparatus at two different  places on the ribbon to snap around the handle of the scissors )and added two glue sticks. You could just sew one end of ribbon to the scissor pocket and tie the other end to the scissor handle or could add one part of the snap to one end of the ribbon and the other part of the snap to the scissor pocket and snap it around the scissor handle.  Project cost was around $4 but could be made cheaper by loading up on supplies when stores have their “back to school” sales which I intend to do.

These instructions are for a basic wallet. You could certainly get creative and add trim, use decorative scissors to cut out you pieces, even applique a child’s name or other design to the cover or add more pockets and items. Because of its size you can easily toss it in a bag  and use it as an activity to keep a child occupied at an appointment, etc. Here is another way of making a crayon caddy. Use your imagination and design one for your own child or grandchild and consider making another one for a child on the Rez. Share your ideas or photos with us and as always thanks for helping the children of Pine Ridge.



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