Any Easter Donations Sent?

I was packing up some boxes for the Rez Easter party and wondered if anyone else is sending items and would let us know in the comment section. So here is what I am sending:

A small monetary donation for the food,

2 boxes of animal cards from Planet Earth,

7 kids  puzzles,

26 coloring books,

20 crayon boxes for the small child

Stand up wooden pictures to color ( cat, 2 girls,  a truck)

2 Elmo sun hats for the babies,

a small change purse

some children’s books and

some popsicle sticks and yarn so that the kids can make crosses.

Please share with us if you have sent anything or plan to send anything for the Easter celebration. Just trying to see what is still needed .




7 thoughts on “Any Easter Donations Sent?

  1. sent to Eleanor on Saturday.
    > 3 coloring books
    > 3 doz pencils
    > 1 doz. sharpeners
    > 29 kids books (like Golden books-type), those were from the donation
    > I book How to Make Puppets ( using paper plates, bags, plastic bottles)
    > 3 decks kids cards (Old Maid, Crazy 8s, matching)
    > 1 doz. plastic bracelets
    > 2 doz mini pens
    > 1 doz mini kaleidoscopes
    > 1 cake mix
    > 1 bag Jolly Ranchers
    > 24 plastic eggs
    > 5 Ramen and
    > 8 trashbags to fill up the corners.
    > Diane NM

  2. Thanks Diane Any other person making a contribution -size does not matter? All of our contributions together add up and ensures a fun time will be had by all.

  3. I am packing a box to go out on wednesday.
    box of 48 spoons
    package of 50 bowls
    box of 100 tea bags
    2 small boxes of sweet ‘n low
    bag of individually wrapped choc candy
    bag of sugar-free Sunkist hard candy-individually wrapped
    bag of susgar-free Hershey’s mini chocolate bars
    4pk mini Uno card games
    4pk of animal paratroopers
    12ct easter pencils
    15ct mini easter bubbles
    walmart gift card..wanted to send some drink mix for the kids but decided we’d get more for the money by sending a gift card (postage cost + what I would have spent to send it)

    haven’t packed it up yet, so if there’s any room left, I’ll sneak something else into the box.


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