Your Opinion Matters

If you look at the archives of our home page “Sew For Kids” you notice that we are a new organization. And while it suggests “sewing”as the main focus, that is not ALL our group does.  There are many groups crocheting and knitting for the Rez  but not many sewing groups. I was asked if there was any way that we could establish a sewing group to help with the items that are needed year long that can not be knitted or crocheted or are used in the hot months on the Rez. So that is one reason why “Sew For Kids” was started. Even items we sew will not cover all the needs but it is a start and one reason we have chosen to help in other ways.

We are focusing on kids as we want them to have a healthy life starting at birth. Really we start with the moms and some of their pregnancy needs so that a healthy outcome occurs. That is the reason we also are featuring the hospital and Healthy Start  as that is where moms get education and some help during and after pregnancy. Both organizations need resources. However we are not the only ones helping their cause.

Reading through the site ,you notice that our focus is on one area, rather than several areas. Organizations on the Rez often find it too costly to drive to this area so items stay mainly in areas centered around Pine Ridge village( map) And with gas more expensive today, it is another deterrent to help flowing their way. We chose one community in hopes of seeing a difference over time. If we work with a school, a daycare, a Head Start project, the clinic, community center programs etc we plan to help organizations in this community.

Wanblee is that place, with a population of 1200 and 100 miles from the village of Pine Ridge. We have a  wonderful Wanblee family to oversee and ensure  donations get into the right hands and to help us define the needs of a project. The Charging Crow family and relatives have always been active in their community trying to do what they can to help the needy. It is so important to have a good contact person and one whom people trust on the Rez to do right by them.

So why am I telling you this. Well as we have begun to build a relationship with this community we are better able to define the needs and are going to soon post the targeted programs on our website. There will be a number of programs that people can assist with. We know that people have preferences in the way they choose to help  so many options will be provided to do so. And even if you or a group of your friends or an organization you belong to can only help once with a project, you have made a difference to this community. And we would be glad to add a link to your group if you want to help our efforts. Help us by spreading the word through contacts you have. And when you help we need to know what has been sent to see what resources are still needed in a program.

Even if you do not have the monetary means to help with program needs, we still want to hear from you as we need input from people from many walks of life who have skills and talents to share. We often have questions we think would be best  answered by ones who handle these issues daily. An example of this would be say the baby program. We want to know what you think are the most useful items for a new mom  so we can make or buy those items. And who would be the best to answer- those moms or grandparents  or daycare workers who deal with this age group daily. Each program has questions that need answers and we will ask for your opinion as we discuss our programs. And since we are  a sewing group, sharing ways you sew something easier/faster or a simple pattern helps all of us.

So if you want to help us out , you can either leave a comment, listed under the title on the blog for the day, send a message to us by contacting us directly,  join our Sew For Kids Facebook page or join our email group. We offer several ways to communicate as we know there are different computer skill levels. We also know that people have busy lives and prefer not be on many groups as it takes time from our busy and stressful schedules.

But YOUR opinion matters and we need input and of course donations. Please follow us on our journey to give the kids in this community a chance to experience life as our children or grandchildren do .
Thanks from Sew For Kids.


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