An Easter Celebration and a Time For Healing

Easter Sunday, the 24th of April 2011 is a day many of us celebrate. An Easter celebration is in the works for the families in the Wanblee community Kennedy Center. Many individuals have passed away in the community over the last two months, an all too common occurrence on the Rez. The organizers are hoping that a celebration will lift the community spirit and help the healing process.

On Easter Sunday a prayer service will be held before any festivities begin. Families will honor their loved ones as well as say prayers for those who have suffered the loss. Many are in need of counseling to assist them through this difficult time. But with funeral costs from the wake, the burial, the dinners, a headstone, and  the giveaway and with people already burdened with high winter utility costs and daily living expenses, getting to a counselor is not something many can afford on their meager incomes.  If some funding for gas can be obtained some mental health counselors have agreed to come to the service and talk with the people in need of their help.

The organizing committee of the Kennedy Center would like to have an Easter egg hunt for the children with some craft and game activities and  also have tentatively planned a community dinner but to do so they need some funds or some items to make that happen. The funds for the center activities have been depleted due to all the recent funeral events. They also understand that Easter is quickly approaching but the funerals have consumed a lot of their time over the last months.

We have been asked if we can help with this event.  Five hundred (500) people are expected to attend and at least 300 will be children.

Items needed  for the party are :
Colored plastic eggs (goal 5000)
chocolate eggs or candy to stuff in the eggs
small prizes for the kids for the games such as pencils, crayons, book  a small toy item, a comb any knitted ,crafted ,crocheted item )
coloring books,
colored markers
colored pencils
white construction paper

Items needed for the meal:
paper plates, cups for coffee and cold drinks, soup bowls
spoons ,forks and knives
napkins, plastic garbage bags
drink mix -ice tea, lemonade, coffee,tea bags
crackers, food items to toss in the soup
vegetables and fruit to make a vegetable and fruit platter
cake mixes

Small gifts from many people can make this event a reality if you can find it in your heart to send one or more of the items.  Donations should be sent here.

Please help make this event a reality for the community and donate.
Thank you from Sew For Kids.


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